New age of connectivity

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16 Mar 2017
Isabelle Kliger
Andy Smith

With increased connectivity and communication comes better transparency.

As the newest member of the Wärtsilä family, Eniram brings with it extensive expertise in developing dynamic tools and solutions for use onboard ships and ashore. Melvin Mathews, Director Maritime, Eniram, says that what all these systems have in common is that they optimise maritime operations using digitalisation, connectivity, data and analytics.

Q: How does Eniram complement the Wärtsilä product offering? 

While Wärtsilä has mastered asset optimisation, Eniram focuses on operational optimisation. Considering the synergies when they come together, they form a winning combination. Jointly our products seek to increase visibility, transparency and insight, seeking at a high level to optimise the customer’s assets over the entire lifecycle and facilitate efficiency in business. What is unique about Eniram is that the technology is based on real-time data and analytics. Eniram’s solutions also support the efficient operation of ships from shore, offering unprecedented visibility and transparency to vessel managers, that enable them to optimise operations across their entire fleet. By their very nature Wärtsilä and Eniram’s businesses are quite complementary – together, we offer customers a seamless one-stop shop for all their machinery, maintenance, operational and efficiency needs.

Q: What does the future of shipping look like?

The world is moving towards a future that is more and more connected, and with increased connectivity and communication comes better visibility and transparency. The shipping sector has begun this journey, starting with an industry-wide drive towards digitalisation, which will form the cornerstone of its future evolution. Digitalisation leads to connectivity, which will link ships to ports, terminals, cargo suppliers and receivers, factories, containers, customers and warehouses, enabling them all to communicate with each other digitally. In other words, the entire supply chain from the raw material to the end user will be connected in one seamless digital communication loop.

Q: How will digitalisation and big data benefit Wärtsilä’s customers?

Digital technologies and data alone offer no significant fiscal benefit. The data, when processed in real time with integrated diagnostic or predictive analytics and cumulative expertise, changes things dramatically. Data contains a wealth of information on issues ranging from performance and efficiency to resource utilisation, as well as customer, supplier and employee behaviour, and gaps in processes and procedures. These insights are invaluable in a globally competitive marketplace. When made available in real time, they can lead to precise, faster decision-making, which can improve profitability and facilitate corrective actions to curtail costs. Companies that are agile and use real-time big data analytics can react to market fluctuations far more quickly than companies that are not digitally interconnected.

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