Digital Road to the Sustainable Future: Anglo-Eastern to connect 600 vessels with Wärtsilä Voyage Solution

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24 Nov 2019

The entire Anglo-Eastern fleet of 600 vessels will be installed with Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution (FOS). The scale of the agreement goes beyond the industrial development benefits and grows into the cooperation on the road to the sustainable future.

Anglo-Eastern is a leading global provider of ship management services that has been working with shipowners and clients for over 40 years. The company’s fleet includes over 600 vessels, over 27,000 skilled seafarers and around 450 newbuilds and conversions to date.

In order to further increase navigational safety, reduce crew workload and improve vessels fuel performance, Anglo-Eastern will roll out Wärtsilä FOS for its entire fleet. The solution provides a unique infrastructure, using:

  • connectivity of ECDIS and planning station
  • huge cloud computing power
  • machine learning and big data analytics
  • mobile applications onboard and onshore

With the help of the Wärtsilä solution, Anglo-Eastern integrates currently separate processes around voyage planning, weather routing, speed / fuel optimisation, voyage execution, ship-to-shore reporting and fleet performance management.

Being focused on safe and efficient navigation, the solution ultimately makes a major contribution to the sustainable future of the worldwide ecology by reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

“We are keen to use the advantages of new digital means to maximise the efficiency of our voyages and the performance of our fleet. Realizing the opportunities of Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution, we look forward to contribute to the further development of the solution as an early adopter,” comments Capt. Pradeep Chawla Anglo-Eastern Global QHSE Director.

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