CSM implements Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud-Based Simulators solution

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25 Mar 2021

Schools and universities aren’t the only ones taking the online route to classrooms during Covid-19 restrictions. Seafarers have moved to cloud-based training as well. Leading ship management and maritime service provider Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) has been spearheading the industry in eLearning and distant training solutions and has now implemented Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud-Based Simulators.

CSM has selected Wärtsilä Voyage’s Cloud Simulation Solution to provide online Simulators training for their officers located in Russia, Latvia, Georgia, Croatia, and the Philippines. The first Cloud systems were deployed in December 2020, and courses are already underway.  

The simulators will allow seafarers to continue receiving safe, standardised, and part classroom training. 

During the pandemic, remote Cloud Simulation solutions have ensured continuity of training and professional development as the onsite simulators have been inaccessible for the officers.  

“CSM is a long-recognised leader in identifying and adopting creative innovations that are regarded as industry best practice for crew training and assessment. We are happy to have found the right solution for their remote simulators training needs,” said Neil Bennett, Simulation Sales Director, Wärtsilä Voyage. 

Wärtsilä Voyage was the perfect partner to realise our strategy for future simulators training.

- Captain Faouzi Fradi, Group Director Training, Columbia Shipmanagement.

“Not only do we share the same vision of a smart and integrated Marine future, Wärtsilä Voyage’s expertise and technology now enable us to deliver safe and effective remote simulator’s training for our officers and customers,” added Captain Faouzi Fradi, Group Director Training, Columbia Shipmanagement. 

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CSM will use these simulators for navigation, engineering, and liquid cargo handling training for its pool of more than 15,000 seafarers worldwide.  

Cloud Classes beyond Covid-19 

Although the pandemic may have catapulted the adoption of cloud-based training, remote training has always been in the pipeline and is here to stay.  

We expect cloud-based simulator solutions to become an industry staple, even after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

- Neil Bennett, Simulation Sales Director, Wärtsilä Voyage

“They are complementary to on-premises simulators and ensure top-notch remote training even for off-campus seafarers located in far-flung parts of the world,” said Bennett. 

Of course, they come with all the benefits inherent to living on the cloud. The sessions always have up-to-date databases and content (exercises and scenarios) with tailored training accessible on-demand from anywhere and with a wide range of devices. Plus, these simulators don’t require hardware administrating, upgrading and have zero maintenance costs. 

As future tech becomes more sophisticated, regular training with digital learning tools is bound to become a norm. It can already be seen in most corporate professional learning and development.  

Also, as our Cloud simulation capabilities grow, it opens new applications for our users. There is a growing demand for consistent and effective assessment of new and existing officer personnel, for which cloud-based automated evaluation and assessment tools, such as those offered in our E-TUTOR, provide a perfect solution. An ability to manage and control such assessments centrally, as well as gather and analyse related data as a tool for identifying where training is most needed, provides tangible efficiencies. 

Bennett thinks cloud-based training is an obvious answer for future marine trainings.

Looking at the flexibility and efficiencies it creates, cloud-based training is a no-brainer choice for all shipping companies wanting to strengthen their training and assessment methods with smart technologies.

- Neil Bennett, Simulation Sales Director, Wärtsilä Voyage

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