Article / 28 SEP 2022
5 min read

Machine learning: The next maritime frontier?

As the availability of data for high performance computing is increasing alongside the adoption of automation, Markus Mannevaara, Senior Director,...

Article / 21 SEP 2022
4 min read

The alchemy of effective compliance

Armed with the right insights, ship operators can turn the lead weight of compliance into a golden opportunity for optimising their vessels, fleets...

Article / 25 AUG 2022
3 min read

Precision port manoeuvring with spectacular accuracy

Brittany Ferries is enhancing situational awareness on its latest vessels to improve safety and efficiency while providing a crucial boost to the...

Article / 1 AUG 2022
4 min read

Tales from the Sea. Paul Welling

Paul Welling, Master Mariner and Senior Sales Manager, North America, spent 11 years at sea, navigating his way from cadet to 2nd Officer Sr. on...

Article / 18 JUL 2022
4 min read

The elephant in the engine room

An integrated approach to data-driven decision making delivers benefits far beyond engine optimisation and route planning, according to a new guide...

Article / 16 JUN 2022
4 min read

The key to the locks of St. Lawrence Seaway

Following an extensive vetting process, Wärtsilä Voyage and NavSim Services were selected by the SLSMC to carry out the development and...

Article / 27 APR 2022
5 min read

Digital cruises. Trends and transformation

Following more than two years of global disruption, the cruise sector is readying itself to sail at full capacity once again. With environmental...

Article / 18 APR 2022
4 min read

Creating transparency to manage CII

As ambitions to decarbonise international shipping continue to grow, maritime stakeholders are under increasing pressure to prove they are taking...

Article / 5 APR 2022
5 min read

Singapore taking the lead in shipping’s green technology transformation

Strategically located on the East-West trade lane, and boasting connectivity to 600 ports in 123 countries, Singapore has kept its position as the...

Article / 10 MAR 2022
4 min read

Tales from the Sea. Jörgen Strandberg

Our technology bridges oceans – and so have many of our colleagues here at Wärtsilä Voyage. Meet out mariner Jörgen Strandberg, Director, Rapid...

Article / 16 FEB 2022
5 min read

One year of IMO’s Cyber Security resolution: what has changed and the road ahead

We sat down with our Head of Cyber Security, Päivi Brunou, to discuss how much things have changed in the past one year and what more is needed...

Article / 10 FEB 2022
4 min read

Tales from the Sea. Jennifer Stanner

Our technology bridges oceans – and so have many of our colleagues here at Wärtsilä Voyage. For example, Jennifer Stanner navigated her way from...

Article / 18 JAN 2022
5 min read

Be mobile and stay safe with the Wärtsilä BridgeMate app

Safety is of paramount importance in shipping, especially when facing rough weather conditions or during challenging operations such as berthing....

Article / 12 JAN 2022
5 min read

Four inefficient shipping regulations that no one talks about

Do you know exactly how many regulations and laws govern today’s shipping? ...

Article / 20 DEC 2021
4 min read

Demand for deeper insights set to drive digital collaborations

After a year in which maritime digital technologies helped tackle crucial industry challenges, Wärtsilä Voyage is looking to external partnerships...

Article / 17 DEC 2021
4 min read

Tales from the Sea. Neil Bennett

Our technology bridges oceans – and so have many of our colleagues here at Wärtsilä Voyage. During his decade at sea, Neil Bennett braved...

Article / 15 DEC 2021
5 min read

Everything is connected: Enabling the next generation of navigation

How are the minds behind Wärtsilä Voyage’s digital navigation solutions preparing for even greater advances in maritime connectivity? ...

Article / 25 NOV 2021
5 min read

Why do ships still lose containers?

Better ship design, stowage and weather routing will not be enough to eliminate one of container shipping’s most persistent problems. ...

Article / 18 NOV 2021
4 min read

Easing port congestion at two very busy French ports

In October 2019 Region Hauts-de-France placed an order with Wärtsilä Voyage to upgrade the Vessel Traffic Management and Information Systems...

Article / 10 NOV 2021
5 min read

Seeing is believing (and avoiding the unknown)

Wärtsilä’s new S.P.E.C.S system provides unprecedented all-around visibility for ships to identify and avoid potential hazards and dangerous...

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