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Article / 25 NOV 2021
5 min read

Why do ships still lose containers?

Better ship design, stowage and weather routing will not be enough to eliminate one of container shipping’s most persistent problems. ...

Article / 18 NOV 2021
4 min read

Easing port congestion at two very busy French ports

In October 2019 Region Hauts-de-France placed an order with Wärtsilä Voyage to upgrade the Vessel Traffic Management and Information Systems...

Article / 10 NOV 2021
5 min read

Seeing is believing (and avoiding the unknown)

Wärtsilä’s new SPECS system provides unprecedented all-around visibility for ships to identify and avoid potential hazards and dangerous situations...

Article / 4 NOV 2021
5 min read

The curious case of inland and coastal container movements

Completely crewless deep-sea vessels may be a distant and debatable future. But autonomous intra-port container shuttles and unmanned short-sea...

Whitepaper / 3 JAN 2021
31 pages

The Future of Smart Autonomy is here

Discovering a stepwise approach to autonomous shipping to improve safety and efficiency....

Whitepaper / 14 FEB 2020
12 pages

The future of shipping

How to enable just-in-time arrivals and eliminate wasteful practises in shipping operations? Digital technology, connectivity and collaboration to...

Whitepaper / 4 MAY 2020
4 pages

Increase TCE rates and reduce OPEX

Owners and managers in the merchant fleet are under increasing pressure to maximise lifetime value and minimise operational costs for tanker and...

Whitepaper / 6 NOV 2019
22 pages

The future of fleet operations is here

Discover the solution's features to apply and the benefits to get for staying competitive in the transforming industry...

Whitepaper / 9 JUN 2019
21 pages

From manual to 21st century operations

Wärtsilä provides partners with decision making support based on real-time data collection, statistical modelling, and predictive simulations. Our...

Webinar / 14 OCT 2021

Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud Simulation via the Ocean Learning Platform – Supporting Maritime Training’s Blended Future

A cost-effective, risk-free, and easily deployable simulation training tool available whenever you demand, wherever you demand — sounds like a...

Webinar / 20 MAY 2021

Integrated Route Planning: Click – Try – Join

Discover the upgraded Navi-Planner and enjoy perfect route planning with the push of a button ...

Webinar / 14 JUL 2020

Improving the level of training for operators of LNG Systems

How to promote greater safety onboard LNG fuelled vessels...

Webinar / 20 MAY 2021

Navi-Port: The perfect time for Just-in-Time

Introducing Navi-Port: Next Level Efficiency from Wärtsilä Voyage...

Webinar / 24 FEB 2021

Discover Smart Autonomy – Extending your senses with situational awareness


e-Book / 18 NOV 2021
5 pages

Wartsila Voyage for Mega Yachts

Technology to explore every spectacular adventure...

e-Report / 18 NOV 2021
5 pages

The future of Smart Autonomy

Discover a stepwise approach...

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