Wärtsilä FOS

Tracking and Awareness

Full transparency of navigation for emergency response, along with real-time and predictive situation awareness.


Web module shows live vessel track, playback/-ahead for incident investigation, safety-related information/notifications, various map overlays (e.g., weather) and geo object information. 


  • Increased awareness on navigational hazards – transparency
  • Improvement of ship-shore communication 
  • Increased efficiency of shore-based processes 


  • Ship tracking and routes, including play-back and play-ahead 
  • Various chart backgrounds and overlays (weather, zones, etc.) 
  • Zones management and notifications (e.g., MARPOL, ECAs, risk, etc.) 
  • Navigational notifications of safety-relevant issues 
  • Ship-shore commenting of notifications and issues. 
Service & Maintenance
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