Meet the future of fleet optimisation

Wärtsilä Voyage´s Fleet Optimisation Solution (FOS) is a holistic data analysis, voyage planning and fleet performance management package that can help ship owners, managers and operators run their fleets and vessels with optimal safety, efficiency and sustainability.

The bridge from data to value

In a maritime sector reliant on digital systems, FOS makes sense of a sea of data providing a single touchpoint for turning navigational, operational and external data into actionable insights. Integrating multiple sources both on- and off-vessel, FOS analyses data to deliver intuitive results tailored to specific functions – including fleet monitoring, voyage optimisation, vessel performance, fuel and emissions tracking and simplified regulatory compliance.

From propellers to ports

Advanced modelling provides the core data that enables integrated route planning, voyage optimisation and monitoring, with a dedicated ship-to-shore connection providing total fleet visibility to stakeholders on land and at sea. Underpinned by these insights, FOS goes further, offering advanced features by integrating vessel operational data and other information streams.


Available with hardware deployment or as a software-only solution, FOS is a truly accessible option.


24/7 expert advice on hand from the FOS consultancy team, FOS can be tailored to make sure you get the most of the industry’s most flexible and powerful optimisation solution.


Cloud upgrades mean functionality can be added easily, and simple installation processes allow cost-effective roll-out across future vessels.


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