Singapore Maritime Technology Conference 2021

Singapore Maritime Technology Conference 2021
19-22 April 2021
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Know how digital solutions can make ships and ports safer, greener and more efficient, even amid lockdowns.

Emission reduction, safety, operational efficiency and crew’s welfare. Pandemic, or no pandemic, these are everyday issues in the business of shipping. But the global crisis has made the challenges even bigger. The industry is witnessing a push towards better connectivity and digitalisation — trying to find innovative solutions that make shipping safer, more efficient and sustainable going forward.  

To know how we can solve this puzzle, join our upcoming event where we introduce you to the digital solutions (for Just-In-Time, Port-to-port connectivity and Smart Autonomy) and discuss real-world cases where ships and ports have managed to further unlock their potential, even during this pandemic. Bonus point: these same solutions also help reduce emissions and will support meeting the upcoming decarbonisation targets.


Smart Autonomy: Advancing Safety and Sustainability

April 21, 14:10 (SGT – Singapore Time – GMT +8)

[Onsite + Online Live Stream]

Chris Chung, Director, Ecosystem Development, Wärtsilä Voyage

  • Unlocking ship and shore potential in the year of lockdowns
  • Case studies and user stories
  • Challenges and opportunities

AI ROUNDTABLE: Integrating Human and Intelligence Machines at Sea and Shore

April 22, 17:40-18:25 (SGT – Singapore Time – GMT +8)

[Onsite + Online Live Stream]

Pierre Guillemin, Vice President Technology, Wärtsilä Voyage

  • Catching up on AI revolution
  • Is AI cost reduction mechanism or a thrilling possibility for progressive growth?
  • Readiness – a reality check!
  • Building a business case for AI in the shipping company

Our presenters

Chris Chung

Director Sales & Ecosystem Development, Wärtsilä Voyage

Chris Chung is the Director of Digital Innovation & Strategic Projects with Wartsila. Based in Singapore, Chris overseas ecosystem development that identify and develop solutions to pressing client and societal challenges where smart technology and innovation can have a transformative role. A strong believer in partnerships and open innovation, Chris’ team brings together technologists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, policy makers, researchers, and other change agents to uncover and implement solutions to specific, actionable challenges. Focus areas include intelligent vessels, connected smart ports, digital fleet operations, cybersecurity and data analytics. Before joining Wartsila, Chris held a number of leadership roles in Lloyd's Register, British Gas and Telstra.



Pierre Guillemin

Vice President Technology, Wärtsilä Voyage

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Integrated Vessel Control

The Wärtsilä IntelliTug Project

By combining Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine capabilities with PSA Marine’s wealth of experience and expert knowledge, we’re bringing to life a combination of world-leading technologies, all integrated in a light-weight, human-centric smart navigation system.

Advanced Assistance Systems

Wärtsilä SmartMove Suite

Wärtsilä SmartMove Suite brings together tools using automated capabilities to assist the crew with challenging manoeuvres such as harbour entering, docking, or quay-to-quay transit. Advanced motion prediction provides the operator with a complete overview and total control over each vessel’s movement enhancing situational awareness and improving the safety of operations.  

Advanced Assistance Systems

Wärtsilä smart sensors

When precise manoeuvres are required in a marine environment, it is not enough to rely on GNSS alone. Alternative, ultra-reliable positioning technologies are available. Wärtsilä Smart Sensor portfolio brings together technologies that assist the crew with the full situational awareness needed for all navigational situations. Based on laser, radar and camera technology can provide both local position information (where the vessel is relative to its surroundings) and situational awareness (what is around the close vicinity of the vessel).  

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