Monaco Yacht Show 2021

Monaco Yacht Show 2021
21–24 September 2021
Monaco Yacht Show
, Monaco, France

Come, chase the sun, the sea, the celebrations and the serene — with technology to explore your every adventure.

From super-intelligent yachts to integrated systems crafted to become one with your sails — take a tour of our exclusive solutions, unparallel features and custom system designs to make every yacht dream come alive.

Our unique portfolio combines the safest navigation and controls, the latest automation technology, top-notch cybersecurity systems and much more into sleek screens onboard that make more space for comfort, elegance, and memories.

We are super excited to invite you to 2021 Monaco Yacht Show to introduce you to some of our exclusive solutions specially crafted for the yacht market — technology for uncompromised safety, comfort, elegance and adventures.


Contact us at wv.marketing@wartsila.com

Our presenters

Benjamin Tornberg

Head of Growth, Wärtsilä Voyage



Matteo Morra

Segment Sales Manager, Wärtsilä Voyage


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Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum

The Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum user interface represents a leap forward in intuitive ship controls.

Advanced Assistance Systems

Wärtsilä smart sensors

When precise manoeuvres are required in a marine environment, it is not enough to rely on GNSS alone. Alternative, ultra-reliable positioning technologies are available. Wärtsilä Smart Sensor portfolio brings together technologies that assist the crew with the full situational awareness needed for all navigational situations. Based on laser, radar and camera technology can provide both local position information (where the vessel is relative to its surroundings) and situational awareness (what is around the close vicinity of the vessel).  

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