Debunking Maritime Myths of Digital Transformation

Our study explores attitudes to digital transformation among maritime professionals across EMEA, the US and APAC. We uncover the surprising misconceptions thwarting progress and outline how organisations can conquer key challenges to reach a better future for all.
of maritime professionals are open to technical innovation and see it as a positive influence
of maritime professionals believe we need more investment in education and training to boost skills development
of maritime professionals admit how important digital technology will be in achieving carbon emissions goals
A story of seven mythical beasts

Our original research found that while the industry favours technological innovation, fragmentation is one of the most significant barriers to its successful adoption. The data reveal we have different understandings and approaches, rooted in widespread apprehension.

How can we better work together? First, we need to debunk the seven core myths surrounding the subject of digital transformation – myths that we’ve likened to the legendary sea monsters of maritime folklore. Only then can we get a clearer view of where we collectively need to go.

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Debunking Maritime Myths of Digital Transformation

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