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Turkmenistanbashi VTS, Turkmenistan



The largest seaport in Turkmenistan, located in the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea.


Time frame

June 2017 - June 2018


Business need

The goal is to ensure a year-round uninterrupted monitoring, identification and classification of all the detected targets within 30 NM from the Turkmenistan coastline.



The port serves as a "sea gate", linking Central Asia to Europe by sea and serves as a major transit hub in the region. Due to its recent reconstruction, there is a need to implement Vessels Traffic Service and Terminal Operational System from scratch.

Complicated political situation, logistics and paperwork; special services for underwater works and buoys locations planning, installation, maintenance.



The suggested solutions include: a coastal site, offshore wave measurement station, 5 navigational buoys and a Control center, equipped with sensors, communication and IT equipment. The Control center houses a dual redundant radar with 21’ antenna, redundant AIS Base station, long & short-range CCTV cameras, 4 VHF/DSC base stations, VHF AM transceiver, weather station, MF/HF DSC receiver, MF/HF voice transceiver, Inmarsat-C system. The Wave station measures the direction, height, as well as the frequency (period) of the waves.   

  • VTS & TOS control center
  • Separate Search and Rescue station; 
  • 2 operator workplace including 2 traffic monitors, CCTV monitors, Radio management system; 
  • Separate meteo and hydrological station; 
  • Video wall with 3D visualization.

Terminal Operations System includes TOS SW Modules, i.e. Vessel Call Management, Agent & Customer services, Pilot & Tug operations, Managing commercial activities, Container Freight Station Operations, 3D Dock and Yard planning, Customs Operations, Gate in / Gate out operations, Warehouse operations, Job orders integrated with terminal handling equipment and devices, Cargo / Container / RORO Handling Operations. The systems support an integration with 3rd party software (such as accounting, EDI, RTLS, RMG, RTG, SSG, ISPS etc.)

Turkmenbashi port 4



VTS and TOS subsystems have been successfully installed, allowing for all year-round 24/7 monitoring, identification and classification of all the detected targets within 30 NM from the coastline. 

Estimated average capacity of the new seaport is about 17 million tons of cargo, excluding petroleum products. It can serve 300 thousand passengers, 75 thousand trucks and 400 thousand containers a year. The total area of ​​the seaport exceeds 1,358 million square meters and the total length of the pier is 3600 meters, making it possible to serve several cargo and passenger vessels at a time.

Turkmenbashi port 8

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