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Wärtsilä Smart Panoramic Edge Camera System

SPECS for short, Wärtsilä Smart Panoramic Edge Camera System provides a 360° vessel view, from edge of the hull to the horizon, streamed directly to the bridge in real-time.


The Wärtsilä Smart Panoramic Edge Camera System provides 360° situational awareness in real-time for the vessel to improve safety.

The Camera pods have been specifically designed to cope with the harshest marine environments, along with a powerful video processing system. This provides a super-wide field of view and integrated motion reference units. This gives an accurate Birds Eye View (BEV) of the near field of the vessel, primarily used for assistance with docking and close-range manoeuvres. A superimposed grid indicates the distance to objects around the vessel and a measurement tool provides distance and bearing to selected objects in the live video. The system can connect to onboard navigation systems to extract AIS and GNSS data for the Augmented Reality (AR) views.

Key benefits

  • Eliminate blind spots
    The camera pods have a super wide 200° field of view in horizontal, and 114° field of view in vertical that’s stitched together by the system to give you complete visibility around the ship.
  • Improve safety
    Take situational awareness to next level with the augmented reality view that provides additional layers of information, including AIS.
  • Reduce costs
    Avoid damage costs to vessel infrastructure with live distance indications to objects around the vessel.
  • For training and incident investigation
    The system allows post-voyage incident investigation and training.
Key features

Super-wide 360° vision

A clear picture of everything around the vessel along with motion stabilisation, vibration damping, and even a cleaning system that can be activated from the user interface. This ensures optimal visual coverage at all times.

Birds-eye view

Complete awareness of the vessel’s surroundings in real-time elevates your situational awareness to new levels. The cameras have a field of view greater than 180° that is stitched together for an all-around view.

Augmented Reality view

Superimposed navigation data on the live video stream provides information about nearby targets and helps identify potential hazards.

Low-Light visibility

The robust, marine compliant camera pods can operate in low-light conditions. The are also rated to -20° C to +55° C and have passed the harshest marine environmental testing requirements.

Assisted Docking and Departure

A calibrated range grid around the vessel provides real-time information regarding the distance to the quayside.
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