Wärtsilä Advanced Assistance Systems

Have full situational awareness and make complicated moves with confidence using advanced sensors and automated decision support technology.


Our advance assistance systems comprise a whole spectrum of autonomy solutions, offering smart sensors, ship command systems and decision support tools at one end to fully crewless autonomous ships at the other, along with various degrees of automation in between.

We enable autonomous actions using vessel control systems, where algorithms take care of functions accurately and safely, reducing the chances of human error. These smart marine systems already create benefits for the shipping industry today and can be gradually scaled to achieve higher degrees of autonomy in the future.

Key benefits

  • Increased safety through improved situational awareness and better control, for example, obstacle detection and avoidance.
  • Reduced OpEx and CO2 emissions through fuel savings by enabling Just-in-Time arrivals, optimum speed profiles and reduced need for onboard energy consumption.
  • Resilient and predictable operation.
  • More efficient asset use, less downtime, and reduced human-caused disturbances.
  • More efficient use of human capabilities.

Key features

  • Situational awareness solutions combine data from different sensors and systems to provide all-around for all vessel sizes and kinds. Sensors include radar, laser, cameras, and environmental sensors (GNSS, wind sensors, MRUs, Echosounder etc.), which combine data from navigation systems like AIS and chart data for advanced awareness. The technology, specifically designed for challenging marine environments, provides an accurate picture of the surroundings and detect hazards in every situation — from harshest weather, busiest ports to wide oceans and narrowest waterways.
  • Action and control solutions are all about how a vessel executes decisions determined by algorithms and then follows up with action. Smart vessel control and drive systems are needed to travel from port to port safely and handle such tasks as docking, harbour entry and remote pilotage. The ability to repeatedly and consistently deliver the same course of action increases efficiency and operational safety dramatically and also helps reduce crew fatigue.
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Advanced Assistance Systems

Wärtsilä SmartMove

Wärtsilä SmartMove Suite brings together tools using automated capabilities to assist the crew with challenging manoeuvres such as harbour entering, docking, or quay-to-quay transit. Advanced motion prediction provides the operator with a complete overview and total control over each vessel’s movement enhancing situational awareness and improving the safety of operations.  

Advanced Assistance Systems

Wärtsilä Smart Sensors

When precise manoeuvres are required in a marine environment, it is not enough to rely on GNSS alone. Alternative, ultra-reliable positioning technologies are available. Wärtsilä Smart Sensor portfolio brings together technologies that assist the crew with the full situational awareness needed for all navigational situations. Based on laser, radar and camera technology can provide both local position information (where the vessel is relative to its surroundings) and situational awareness (what is around the close vicinity of the vessel).  

Advanced Assistance Systems

Wärtsilä SPECS

SPECS for short, Wärtsilä Smart Panoramic Edge Camera System provides a 360° vessel view, from edge of the hull to the horizon, streamed directly to the bridge in real-time.

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