Wärtsilä Autonomy Solutions

Enabling a safer and more sustainable future for shipping, through advanced assistance systems and autonomous solutions.


Autonomy Solutions are key to removing ocean trade’s infrastructural bottlenecks and achieving shipping’s zero-emission ambition. Be it automating operations for optimum energy efficiency to cut CO2 emissions, decision-support technology that reduces human error or autonomous vessels and advanced sensors that safely resolve congestion issues at the busiest ports — intelligent operation is the only way forward.

Wärtsilä Voyage offers solutions for every node on this journey — from newbuilds to retrofits, or just automating specific parts of a ship's operation — our intelligent marine autonomy solutions aim to provide a variety of commercially viable pathways to adopt autonomous shipping solutions that increase safety and efficiency today while laying the foundation for a fully autonomous future.

What we offer

  • Advanced Assistance systems: Technology enables the crew to take the right actions at the right time, enhancing safety and efficiency by automating specific tasks and even new ship designs.
  • Future of ship command systems: Merging the worlds of INS and IAS, we have developed a new generation of ship command systems that always enable the most efficient execution of tasks and best practices.
  • Autonomous Short Sea Shipping: Applying autonomous solutions, we are disrupting inland and coastal short distance shipping to become a safer, greener, and more efficient link in the logistic chain.
  • Navigation and DP solutions: With a lineage dating back to the 1960s, our Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems and specialised sensors technology have a long history of providing critical support and information to the bridge crew. We continue to develop, deliver, and stay at the forefront in this category.
Our solutions

Wärtsilä Advanced Assistance Systems

A spectrum of solutions to enable autonomous vessel control today, where precision manoeuvring and speed adjusting decisions can be made by AI-based algorithms accurately, safely and under human supervision.

Wärtsilä SmartMove

Advanced motion prediction and decision support for safer, more precise, and efficient vessel movements, even on the busiest routes.

Wärtsilä Smart Sensors

For safe and precise vessel positioning and situational awareness.

Wärtsilä Smart Panoramic Edge Camera System

SPECS for short, Wärtsilä Smart Panoramic Edge Camera System provides a 360° vessel view, from edge of the hull to the horizon, streamed directly to the bridge in real-time.
Service and maintenance
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