AHTI: testing maritime technologies in a real-life environment

Meet AHTI: living laboratory

Who is AHTI?

AHTI is a test centre, available to us and our partners, to test new maritime technologies without the usual red tape, costs and timing challenges. He allows us to fail fast and supports our entire innovation strategy.

AHTI has a history. With a past as a German Government fishery patroller, he demonstrates what’s possible now, with existing fleets, and helps us bring an autonomous, connected, situationally aware and data-enabled future even closer.

We can’t wait to invite you onboard.


What’s AHTI up to?
What’s on board?



Wärtsilä technology


Our Smart Panoramic Edge Camera System (SPECS) provides a 360° vessel view, from edge of the hull to the horizon, streamed directly to the bridge in real-time.


Wärtsilä technology


One of our targetless sensor systems designed to provide high levels of situational awareness in densely populated marine environments.


Partner technology


Technology providing wide area network communication.


Wärtsilä technology


Radar, ECDIS and conning data integrated into a single and simple navigation interface for maximum situational awareness.

Partner technology


Combines cameras and artificial intelligence to detect floating obstacles.

Wärtsilä technology

Coming soon

Maritime technologies being installed on AHTI soon: SceneScan, SmartMove, Remote Control, Satellite Connectivity

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