Wärtsilä Voyage is connecting shore to shore, solving today’s challenges with tomorrow’s technology, and breaking data silos to create infrastructural efficiencies that make the global supply chain safer, smarter, and greener.

We’re building a digital marine ecosystem.

Imagine a shipping industry mastered so completely that efficiency spreads through every aspect of its complex being. Where vessels sail using the cleanest fuels, routes are precision-planned to avoid hazards. Traffic flows are managed so effectively that ships no longer wait to dock in congested harbours. Where clean, smart shipping technology helps preserve the oceans, shores, cities and beyond. 

We are making this a reality by building a connected digital infrastructure where all vessels and ports are technologically smart. 

Our digital solutions connect, manage and cyber-secure shore-to-shore visibility, honing every navigational movement. Combining bridge infrastructure and cloud data, our AI-based software platforms deliver real-time insights into vessel performance, enabling dynamic operations optimisation, both onboard and onshore. And all these solutions can be retrofitted, helping shipowners transition towards smarter marine operations in a phased and profitable manner.  

We envision a future where these synergies are not limited to ships and shores but transcend industry borders to create one seamless and sustainable global supply chain. 

Join us in our mission. 

If you read our mission, it is pretty clear we have some very exciting challenges ahead — new regions, innovative technologies, and businesses. And our increasingly diverse, dedicated and innovation-led team works hard every day towards achieving it. It is a mammoth task with many milestones in between. And so, we are always looking for passionate and creative problem solvers who have a knack for technology and a spirit for new adventures. Sounds like you? Check out if we have a suitable position for you or connect with us directly.  


Robert Vallis

Talent Supply Lead


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Our innovations are shaping the future of shipping, sustainable transportation, and seamless global trade. From leveraging data analytics, AI, autonomous vessels, and augmented reality to building solid cyber-secure digital infrastructures — our experts and solutions are at the frontline of shipping’s digital shift to become safer, smarter, and more sustainable. And we are more than happy to share this journey with the world. Drop us a line to get the latest and most exciting developments from the maritime industry.


Deborah Thomas

Senior Director, Marketing


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