Wärtsilä podcast - creativity in us

Wärtsilä podcast: creativity in us

On 21 April, the world gets to celebrate the United Nation’s Creativity and Innovation Day. To honour the day, three Wärtsilä colleagues got together to discuss what creativity means for them at work and in their spare time, where they get inspiration and how do they see the current lockdown influencing people’s ingenuity.

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Creativity can take many forms in the mind of an individual; even if often associated with painting, dancing and music, creativity can range from these artistic expressions to technical problem solving. Creativity of individuals can even be a catalyst solving societal issues and helping us to develop a more sustainable future.

But what happens to creativity in a lockdown situation like the one our world is currently facing – can it be a positive thing, triggering people to explore and push the limits of their creativity? Can humans turn the isolation into personal – and eventually into societal – growth? 

In this Wärtsilä’s podcast on creativity,, three Wärtsilians discuss these topics, sharing openly how they express creativity, why do they find it important to be creative and where they get inspiration. At work, these colleagues are known as Dan Pettersson, Senior Communications Manager, Dario Pisani, Senior Manager of Operational Excellence and Antonio Cannistrà, General Manager of New Product Introduction. But that tells only one side of their story; in their spare time, Dan is an active photographer, Dario has rediscovered his love of art, whereas Antonio expresses his feelings through daily cooking.

Listen to this warm atmospheric discussion and ventilate your thoughts a little.

Wärtsilä podcast - creativity in us

Antonio has a passion for cooking and his entire family in Vaasa, Finland gets to enjoy the outcome of it.

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