Wärtsilä FUNA adds both FUN and FUNction

Wärtsilä FUNA adds both FUN and FUNction

With creativity and a bit of craziness, Wärtsilä FUNA designs systems that improve cruise ship passengers’ experience and owners’ bottom line.

Text: Hannakaisa Markkanen Photo: Wärtsilä

FUNA is a relatively new member in the Wärtsilä family, but it has a long history in the field.

“Even though integrating complex systems is a quite new business area for Wärtsilä, FUNA has over 40 years of experience integrating a variety of complex systems,” explains Andreas Köhler, Sales Manager, Wärtsilä FUNA GmbH, Wärtsilä Marine Solutions.

Wärtsilä FUNA’s extensive maritime experience is comprised of vessels of all types including superyachts and cruise ships. The portfolio of Wärtsilä FUNA extends from the marine sector into the entertainment business and ranges from Entertainment to Security & Safety and Communication to Lighting Systems.

“Our clients count on us not only to figure out how to do something spectacular but also to deliver it.  In the process, we often create new solutions to old problems,” tells Paul Weber, Managing Director for Wärtsilä FUNA.


On land and sea

“Our technology is used on cruise ships and other vessels, in airports, stadiums, amusement and theme parks, hotels, museums and other facilities. In addition, the communication, sound, effect lighting and video systems are often used in public areas, and quite often we have built them,” Köhler lists.

The technology used for the variety of applications and systems is basically the same. But it is the expertise at Wärtsilä FUNA that is the cornerstone in making its excellent, specially integrated systems.

Systems designed for public areas need to be reliable and fulfil authority and safety requirements that vary by country. Announcement systems, those used for evacuation and the different broadcasting methods must work flawlessly every day.

“One of Wärtsilä FUNA’s assets is in integrating some of these systems together. Usually announcement systems and pro music systems are separate. With our expertise, we can combine these two systems, and our customer can save money. This kind of integrated system saves cable, and the solution is architecturally nicer than two separate systems. It also sounds better and is easier to maintain. Depending on the customer, we are able to provide the whole customer service package from design to commissioning,” Köhler says. The service package includes design, engineering, rack fabrication, installation and commissioning.

Especially on cruise ships, the installation process is time-sensitive because the ship needs to be in position for the entertainment crew to start their rehearsals. With Wärtsilä FUNA’s experience, Wärtsilä can provide entertainment systems installed in public areas on time and within budget. In addition, Wärtsilä FUNA provides training for the crew on how to use the systems.


Innovation – no future without it

To have new ideas, the team needs the right people, who are ready to explore the boundaries of implementation and execution – something Paul coins as the “FUNA spirit.” Equally important are the people with long experience in our business who are willing to challenge the status quo.
“I’m constantly amazed by the creative world my team lives in to combine technical things with entertainment. It can get crazy at times, like when you try to have a serious conversation about pirates, dragons or aliens,” Weber tells.

“Especially on cruise ships, novelty is a desired quality to attract new customers and to provide an unforgettable experience for passengers. We like to improve the passenger experience. Therefore, our experience in amusement parks is an advantage also for designing and building systems on cruise ships,” Köhler explains. “In this highly competitive business, Wärtsilä FUNA aids Wärtsilä in broadening its scope of delivery and scope of applications in different projects. In the long run, it enables better service for our customers.”

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