Wartsila’s new smart office is unique and cutting-edge

Wärtsilä’s new smart office is unique and cutting-edge

Wärtsilä Helsinki Campus introduces unique ways of collaboration and working as Wärtsilä transforms into a smart technology company. Take a look at some of the many features that make this office one-of-a-kind.

Text: Spoon Agency Photo: Marja Väänänen, Wärtsilä

Over 500 Wärtsilians moved into a new office in Salmisaari, Finland, last November. Covering an area of around 11,000 square metres, the office layout offers creative spaces to improve interaction between employees. What is also unique is that Wärtsilians were closely involved in giving ideas for the design and functionality of the new campus. This office is truly from Wärtsilians to Wärtsilians.

Wärtsilä's new smart office is unique and cutting-edge1

The new campus features the latest in smart building technology and increases Wärtsilä’s capabilities to succeed as an innovative and customer-centric technology service company. Everything has been designed to improve the well-being of employees.

The SmartHouse virtual office app not only helps to find colleagues and free spaces, but also assists in giving feedback and reporting disturbances (if any), easily. The virtual office can be monitored from own device and via the touch screens on the floors.

Wärtsilä's new smart office is unique and cutting-edge2

Locating colleagues is easy in this office. Wärtsilians can share their location in this virtual office and easily find each other. This feature has an additional benefit. It allows Wärtsilä to collect usage-based information on the functionality of the office and helps plan future development in a smart and efficient manner.

Wärtsilä's new smart office is unique and cutting-edge3

Wärtsilä Helsinki Campus has variety in new workspaces. While some support collaboration and ideation, silent work areas and soundproof phone booths make sure employees get the peace and quiet to focus on the tasks at hand. Employees can use any workstation available, and all workstations have two screens. Since Wärtsilians spend a lot of time in meetings, company wanted meeting rooms to be more like living rooms - comfortable spaces that will increase efficiency and encourage creativity.

Wärtsilä’s new smart office is unique and cutting-edge4
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The property’s building management systems measure the indoor air conditions and energy consumption and adjust lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling for optimum comfort. The data is also made available to Wärtsilä’s personnel in real time. The electricity used by the property is produced from clean and renewable natural sources like sun, water and wind. Solar panels have also been installed on the roof of the property complex to produce extra power.

Wärtsilä's new smart office is unique and cutting-edge5

That’s not all. The Wärtsilä Experience Centre, using the latest audiovisual technology, has been created alongside the reception area. The dark, 250 square-metre exhibition room, the thruster-shaped “nest”, helps customers, personnel and other stakeholders experience how Wärtsilä’s smart technological products and innovative solutions work.

Wärtsilä's new smart office is unique and cutting-edge6

The virtual reality system installed in the Wärtsilä Experience Centre, for example, enables visitors to visit a power station or a cruise ship. The real ‘wow’ effect is guaranteed with the 180 degrees, ten-metre curved screen where one can, for example, observe the real-time remote control of various engines through an interactive presentation.

Wärtsilä's new smart office is unique and cutting-edge7

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