Wärtsilä Customer Support Centre 24 7 service 365 days a year

Wärtsilä Customer Support Centre: 24/7 service, 365 days a year

A brand-new support channel is making it easier for customers to deal with Wärtsilä. The new global Wärtsilä Customer Support Centre is available 24/7, and is designed to help Wärtsilä’s customers get all their questions answered accurately, quickly and without hassle.

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What sets the new Wärtsilä Customer Support Centre (CSC) apart is that it has the capacity to get all kinds of queries resolved, regardless of where they come from or what they relate to. In addition, this service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

In short, the CSC is designed to provide easily accessible, transparent, and high-quality support to all Wärtsilä customers.

Tommi Soini is the General Manager of the Wärtsilä Customer Support Centre. He says simplicity is key to this new support function, which enables customers to contact Wärtsilä using all modern modes of communication, including a popular new real-time live chat function.

“When customers contact Wärtsilä Customer Support Centre, they will never be told they need to contact someone else. We’re committed to ensuring customers’ questions get answered by the right team in the global Wärtsilä organisation,” he emphasises.

“CSC isn’t able to answer every question on the spot, but we will take the issue to the relevant place and get it resolved,” adds Soini.

In recent years, Wärtsilä has grown considerably and its portfolio of products and services has expanded. As a result, customers may not always know who to contact when they have a query. The CSC is designed to complement, not replace, the existing support channels. These include dedicated account managers, local service units in areas, Wärtsilä Online Services, which is the platform globally available 24/7 to meet the frequent and essential everyday needs of most of the customers for their specific installations, as well as the Expertise Centres for customers with long-term service agreements. The CSC will also back up the account managers when they are on vacation or unavailable.

“All Customer Support Centre activity is logged in Wärtsilä’s Customer Relations Management (CRM) system, making it fully traceable and transparent, keeping the account manager fully up to date with what is going on with his or her customer,” he adds.


CSCs have come a long way

The first Wärtsilä Customer Support Centre was piloted in the Americas in January 2016. Since then, the function has been rolled out country by country and it reached its full, global coverage at the beginning of December 2017.

Until March 2018, close to 12,000 operative enquiries from all around the world have been resolved by the CSC. Its 2017 KPIs speak for themselves, with as many as 99.4% of tickets getting a first update from a real person within one business day, while 97.2% of tickets receiving either satisfied or neutral ratings from customers.

Soini has headed the Wärtsilä Customer Support Centre since day one. He believes it is different in comparison to many other 24-hour helpdesks because of the people it employs.

“All the people working at the CSC have been recruited from within Wärtsilä,” explains Soini. “If we’re going to add real customer value, we need knowledgeable, committed people and that’s why we’ve hired people from throughout our organisation who already have hands-on experience of Wärtsilä products, services and customers.”

As the Wärtsilä Customer Support Centre is available round the clock, it is also ideally suited to provide first-level support for customers using Wärtsilä Online Services. Going forward, as Wärtsilä develops more and more digital solutions, the Customer Support Centre will be ready to play an important part in improving the customer experience.

“When customers have a problem, they’ll contact us and we’ll experience the problem from their perspective. In addition to solving the issue, this will enable us to act as the voice of the customer, for example supporting Wärtsilä’s digitalisation team as they develop the next generation of digital services, and enhancing the user experience for our customers,” says Soini.

“The Wärtsilä Customer Support Centre will play a key part in our digital transformation journey,” continues Saku Mäihäniemi, Head of Digital for Services. “As our digital solutions evolve and become more and more sophisticated, customers will need a reliable support channel for their first-level enquiries.”

“CSC will not only make it easier to do business with Wärtsilä, it will also help us collect and apply customer intelligence to improve our digital solutions even further,” he concludes.

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