Finnish marine technology start-up Eniram

The perfect digital fit

Wärtsilä’s recent purchase of Finnish marine technology start-up Eniram underlines the unstoppable nature of digitalisation within the marine industry.

Text: Paul Connolly Photo: Matt Keeble

Until the last couple of years, the marine industry has been left largely unaffected by digital transformation, a term that refers to the changes associated with the application of digital technology to all areas of business.

The real-time analysis of “big data” (the huge amount of raw information generated by all sorts of machines and systems that, with the right software, can be analysed to reveal trends, spot problems and so on) is a technological innovation as it can provide new ways of thinking about issues and identifying opportunities.

The marine industry is generating massive amounts of data from vessel operations and other sources, but much of it has not – until now – been used systematically.

Pierpaolo Barbone, President of Wärtsilä Services, is passionate about the potential of digitalisation in the marine industry and is certain the acquisition of Eniram will help Wärtsilä stay at the forefront of new business opportunities.

“Eniram has world-class analytics capabilities, and by joining forces, we can provide our customers with an unbeatable offering on both the vessel and fleet level,” he says.

“Eniram’s offering and solutions complement the recently launched Wärtsilä Genius Services portfolio. Together, we will enable our customers to optimise their assets and improve predictability, as well as support them with real-time analytics.”

Barbone says the acquisition will enable Wärtsilä to grow and strengthen its digital offering and in-house capabilities, specifically in data analytics, modelling and performance optimisation.

Eniram’s solutions range from single onboard applications for trim, speed and consumption optimisation to comprehensive vessel and fleet analysis.

The company’s solutions are installed in over 270 vessels, saving fuel and increasing efficiency.

“The acquisition of Eniram is important,” says Barbone, “because it is part of Wärtsilä’s evolution and ambition to move from hardware to software. Years ago, we were just selling spare parts and technical expertise, but we’ve moved on from that. We now offer long-term agreements to help optimise the maintenance cycle of our customers’ installations and even operate their plants. Digitalisation is adding a new dimension: the optimisation of a customer’s business. We started this journey supporting our customers with condition-based maintenance and helping to optimise their equipment through our Wärtsilä Genius Services.”

But with the addition of Eniram’s value proposition to Wärtsilä’s product range, Barbone wants to offer much more.

“Our business target is to use digitalisation to transform our offerings from hardware to software and to optimise our customers’ business. What does it mean to optimise customer business? Let me explain.

“If the customer’s vessel consumed less fuel along a certain route and under given weather conditions, this saves him money. If the trim is adjusted to make the ship sailing that little bit smoother, this saves him money. If we optimise the maintenance of the equipment extending the maintenance interval, this saves him money.

“This is the reason we have decided to make this journey towards digitalisation.”

Eniram’s acquisition complements the digitalisation customer-care circle for Wärtsilä, and “the recently launched SkyLight product, specifically dedicated to merchant vessels, opens new horizons,” says Barbone.

“The combination of Wärtsilä’s competencies on the equipment side and Eniram’s analytics and vessel and fleets optimisation is unbeatable. It really is the perfect fit.”

SkyLight uses real-time data for fuel performance optimisation.

SkyLight uses real-time data for fuel performance optimisation.



Eniram and Wärtsilä are launching SkyLight, a fleet performance monitoring service that enables merchant shipping operators to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Every five minutes, SkyLight collects data about the ship’s movements and is sent via satellite to Eniram’s data centre. This data, together with the vessel’s noon reports (a format that some 80% of vessels still use), is combined and enhanced with meteorological data, sea state and currents to model the vessel’s speed and fuel performance. This makes it possible to calculate very accurate fuel-speed curves without onboard integration or costly installations.

Ship operators can use SkyLight to compare the performance of each vessel in their fleet. The software keeps records of ships’ performances, enabling quicker reporting, planning and cost optimisation.

 “Access to fuel and speed performance data increases visibility and supports the optimisation of the vessel’s performance. This way, ship operators can manage their business more effectively,” says Jan Wilhelmsson, Vice President, Commercial Shipping at Eniram. “Delivering performance monitoring through portable equipment as a service enables operators with shorter business cycles to get the benefits of advanced data analytics. As satellite connectivity is rapidly improving, this type of service is a natural first step in the utilisation of real-time data for fuel performance optimisation.”

According to Barbone, SkyLight gives Wärtsilä access to almost 40,000 merchant marine installations on which SkyLight could be utilised.

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