Wärtsilä Pumps is supported by more than 100 years’ experience of pump design and manufacturing. Wärtsilä is one of the world’s leading providers of pumps for marine and offshore installations

Pumps that are second to none

Supported by more than 100 years’ experience of pump design and manufacturing, it comes as no surprise that Wärtsilä is one of the world’s leading providers of pumps for marine and offshore installations. It is also the undisputed market leader in the supply of deepwell offloading pumps to small- and medium-sized gas carriers. Twentyfour7. takes a closer look at Wärtsilä’s pump capability, from its top-quality products to its state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research and development (R&D) work.

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Wärtsilä’s heritage in the pump market can be traced all the way back to 1940s. Since then, it has gradually built up expertise and acquired new business lines to form the entity that is now known as Wärtsilä Pumps. And while the organisation itself was only officially created in 2012, its unrivalled expertise and drive to innovate have been around for almost 80 years. 

Wärtsilä has a track record of designing and supplying the highest quality offloading and process pump solutions to customers around the world. As there are few sectors that place higher demands on safety and reliability than marine and offshore, Wärtsilä prides itself on offering a combination of state-of-the-art testing and strict quality control that allows it to comply with the most stringent international standards, as well as the individual needs of its customers.

“Around the world, thousands of marine carriers are transporting a wide range of liquefied gases for different applications on vessels of various shapes and sizes. We provide the pumps and surrounding equipment that these vessels need – pumps for offloading the liquids and gases, for dealing with ballast, for engine rooms, as well as fuel pumps for the vessel itself,” says Ian Morrison, Director Business Development, Wärtsilä Pumps & Valves.

Pump factory in Aalborg

Nowhere is the know-how that Wärtsilä Pumps offers more apparent than at its purpose-built pump factory in Aalborg, Denmark. At this site, originally built in 1967, Wärtsilä employs 136 highly experienced individuals. These are the people responsible for designing, developing and manufacturing the market-leading deepwell pumps – amounting to a total of more than 1000 every year – that are produced at the Aalborg plant.

In addition to R&D, design, manufacturing, assembly and testing, Wärtsilä Pumps’ 8000 m2 Aalborg site also carries out training and maintenance. Its highly skilled service engineers offer 24-hour worldwide repair and service to customers in port, at sea or on shore.

Wärtsilä applies a classic, five-gate approach to all its R&D work – a key factor that enables it always to ensure the very highest levels of quality and reliability in all its products and services. Equipped with a unique, deepwell-pump testing tower, the Aalborg site is also able to offer full-scale testing before final inspection and delivery, giving customers complete confidence in immediate operational reliability.

Complete systems provider

However, Wärtsilä does not only develop and manufacture the actual pumps. Crucially, it also is able to provide the solutions and equipment that support the pumps, including entire pump room systems for dry pump rooms.

“Customers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to availability and reliability, and I believe this is our real competitive advantage – in terms of the products we develop, as well as the surrounding support and services. Wärtsilä is not just a pump manufacturer but a complete systems provider,” says Morrison.

“What we look for, whenever we develop a new product, is to offer owners and operators something that will enhance their process and truly add value to their business,” he adds.

Wärtsilä’s pump capability: from its top-quality products to its state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research and development (R&D) work.

The Wärtsilä Pumps product range

ECA fuel pump

The new Wärtsilä Svanehøj ECA fuel pump (EFP) is the latest cutting-edge product to come out of Wärtsilä Pumps’ factory in Aalborg. As Ian Morrison explains, more and more marine operators these days are looking for ways to use the type of fuel carried to power the vessel itself. This trend is particularly visible in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier market.

The new Wärtsilä EFP, developed in close cooperation with LNG fuel gas experts, is a key part of Wärtsilä’s product portfolio, especially as global demand for high-quality, reliable LNG-based fuel gas systems continues to grow. The EFP is based on the same “deepwell” design concept used by Wärtsilä cargo pumps all around the world, making it completely different from any other LNG pump on the market.

“Deepwell” refers to a pump that is placed inside the tank, while the drive motor is kept separate, outside the tank. As all the electrical components associated with the pump are located outside the fuel tank, there is no heat transfer from the motor to the liquid gas. This ensures cost-efficient and safe operations, as excessive heat from the motor does not create increased boil-off gas or pressure in the tank. The EFP is also incredibly reliable, designed to run 24/7 for several years, with no stops or repairs.

Deepwell ballast pumps

Wärtsilä is the leading global manufacturer of deepwell ballast pumps for offshore applications. These environmentally sound pumps offer excellent reliability, low noise and high efficiency. With capacities ranging from 600 to 2500 m3/h, Wärtsilä’s deepwell ballast pumps are suitable for floating production units of all sizes.

Installed directly in the ballast tank, the C2G-SUB pump allows for increased cargo volume by eliminating the need for a pump room that would otherwise steal valuable cargo space. Moreover, each pump is equipped with a reliable, simple-to-operate, self-priming system that streamlines piping system evacuation. It also goes without saying that all Wärtsilä’s pumps are compliant with the highest safety requirements and receive complete technical support throughout their service life.

Deepwell OPC pumps

What Wärtsilä Pumps is perhaps most famous for is its range of deepwell offshore process and cargo (OPC) pumps, specially developed to withstand the extreme conditions of the offshore industry. These electrically-driven, explosion-proof pump systems deliver the very highest standards of energy efficiency, safety and reliability to comply with the complex demands of offshore.

With their robust design, low noise levels and capacities ranging from 20 to 1800 m3/h, Wärtsilä’s deepwell OPC pumps have been designed to meet every offshore need. Moreover, with 25,000 operating hours between overhauls, they offer maximum reliability with minimal maintenance requirements, combined with the highest levels of safety and efficiency, in accordance with the API 610 standard.

“When you consider all the liquids and gases being shipped around the world, what they all need is a reliable pump solution to facilitate offloading in a timely fashion,” continues Morrison. "This is why these pumps are so meticulously tried and tested – to provide a reliable solution to an absolutely crucial service.”

Wärtsilä also develops and manufactures a range of efficient seawater lift pumps and safety-critical fire water pump packages (FWPP), designed specifically for the demanding offshore market.

Pump monitoring & drive systems

To ensure safe and reliable operation, Wärtsilä can supply different levels of pump monitoring packages which include elements such as: motor winding/bearing temperatures, thrust bearing temperature, lube oil levels, cofferdam liquid level, discharge pressure and vibration monitoring. 

Wärtsilä also delivers tailor-made electric drive systems for various applications. The systems can be based on fixed- or variable-speed drives or a combination solution. A typical electric system from Wärtsilä consists of explosion-proof electric motors, frequency converters, main PLC control panel, redundancy switchboards and step-down transformers.

WARTSILA PUMP PLANT IN AALBORG DENMARK 100 years of pump excellence

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