Wartsila Online Services offered by Wartsila Technical Services helps manage your assets with a click of your mouse

Manage your assets with a click of your mouse

As the implementation of Wärtsilä Online services continues apace, customers are reaping the benefits. The system gives them unprecedented access to real-time information about their installations and the status of their deliveries, as well as direct contact with Wärtsilä Technical Services.


The new-and-improved Wärtsilä Online services were created to enable Wärtsilä’s customers to manage their installations more efficiently. The portal gives customers access to real-time information on their installations and equipment whenever and wherever they please.

Wärtsilä Online Services customer DFDS Seaways recently praised the Technical Knowledge feature, which contains bulletins, manuals and spare-part catalogues among other things. “They called it a ‘real goldmine of knowledge’,” says Anu Mattsson, Manager, Online Services, Sales and Sales Support.

DFDS Seaways, a division of DFDS A/S, northern Europe’s largest integrated shipping and logistics company, operates 30 routes with 50 freight and passenger ships in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel. The company got on board with Wärtsilä Online Services from the very beginning.

The first DFDS vessel to start using Wärtsilä Online Services was the cruise ferry Pearl Seaways, built in 1989 and refitted in 2001. Crew were given access to Wärtsilä Online Services already in June 2014 but it was the 2015 rejig that turned Second Engineer Rasmus Andersen and his team into real enthusiasts.

“We’ve been using Wärtsilä Online Services intensively since the introduction of the portal,” says Andersen, who explains that at the start they used it mainly to look for spare parts – instant price info made it easier and quicker to order them.

“Instead of listing the items in an email for a quotation, we can now, with a few exceptions, skip that time-consuming phase entirely,” he adds. “As we’ve grown more experienced with the spare parts catalogue, we spend much less time checking prices. It has become a great and reliable tool for our engineers.”

Andersen really appreciates the database of service bulletins in the portal’s Technical Knowledge section. In the past, staff kept an inventory of thick binders with previous service bulletins on board, but it was almost impossible to find relevant bulletins when the need arose. “With the online database, a search need not take more than a few minutes,” he points out.

All users of Wärtsilä Online Services have their own customer profile on the portal, where they can keep their information up to date and select preferences – such as signing up for emails updating them on any news that pertains to their particular engine type.

“The feature ensures that we’re constantly aware of potential safety issues and receive new information about the maintenance of our Wärtsilä engines,” says Andersen.

Mattsson says the aim was to make Wärtsilä’s interactions with its customers quicker and of better quality, while supporting greater flexibility. 

“From the customer point of view, we’re adding value to their operations with fewer handovers and less time wasted on manual steps, such as searching for information, asking technical questions, sending RFQs and placing orders, and even submitting warranty claims,” she says.

“Now all these activities can be carried out and tracked just by clicking on Wärtsilä Online services.”

Features of Wärtsilä Online Service

My Installations

Customers have a comprehensive overview of all their installations and can manage their installation and equipment data.

Parts Online

Customers can identify spare parts using catalogues and illustrations. They are also able to check spare part prices and availability, request quotations or place orders, as well as tracking and tracing deliveries.

Technical Knowledge

Customers can access crucial information on their installations and equipment, including bulletins, equipment manuals, spare part catalogues and Frequently Asked Questions. Also includes a user-friendly search tool.


Customers can address technical questions directly to Wärtsilä Technical Services. This direct contact with Wärtsilä’s experts is a major time saver.

Warranty Online

Customers can easily register all their warranty claims, track and trace the resolution progress and view the complete history of their warranty claim activities.

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