First came the survey, then the results

First came the survey, then the results

When we set out to conduct a readership survey on the content we produce, we did not know what to expect. But the results were a pleasant surprise. Over 100 respondents told us what they read, liked, and thought about our channels and content. We summed it up for you.

Text: Chandralekha Mukerji Photo: Wärtsilä

Turns out, majority of our readers like to read the print version of Twentyfour7. magazine at work and a small fraction of them even prefer reading it while commuting. This interesting titbit, among others, came to light thanks to the readership survey we conducted, this summer. Let’s dive into the details.


Who participated?

The survey got over a hundred replies with a majority (76.15%) of the respondents belonging to either the energy sector or the marine sector. Most of the respondents were from Europe (56.06%) and America (28.79%), followed by a representation from Asia (12.12%), as well.


Favourite channel?

Twentyfour7. online was the popular choice with 94 votes. The print magazines - Twentyfour7. and InDetail – followed suit with 43 votes for the former and 31 votes for the latter. Here, people were allowed to choose more than one favourite. When asked about the content format, 71% preferred text articles, 45% voted for infographics, 36% for video content, and 13% chose podcasts. Again, here, respondents were allowed to pick multiple options.


The print fan club

While digital is the new hot, our printed magazines have a dedicated following. Most (48%) have been reading the Twentyfour7. print magazine for over three years now. Also, most people (71%) said they read the articles they like, thoroughly, and skim through the rest. That said, there is a small but strong fanbase (of around 11%) that reads the magazine religiously and thoroughly.

Currently, our Twentyfour7. magazine is published three times a year. Majority of our respondents (47%) said they preferred this frequency. While 13% felt it should be reduced, seven percent, on the contrary, said the frequency should be increased.


About the content

Results showed that people, overall, were quite happy with both the quality and quantity of our content products, especially if it was related to their field of interest. Also, they valued both the print as well as the online medium, equally.

When asked to rate, on a scale of 1 to 10, if our content gave readers any valuable insights, we got an average score was 7.1. We also scored an average of 7.6 on how informative our content was to the readers. It was good to know that our readers gained insights into Wärtsilä’s products and services through our content. 75% of the respondents gave us a score of 7 or higher on this parameter. Overall, respondents believed that our content reflects Wärtsilä’s image well.

We also got some requests and suggestions. On subject matters, our employees wished for more ‘people’ stories, while non-Wärtsilians hoped to read more on technology.  Suggestions included producing more articles that had deeper technical analyses, stories that explained the upcoming emission regulations and the role of fuels, and content that increased coverage on future energy needs, especially in South Asia.

A big shout out to all those who participated. And for those who couldn't take part in the survey, there’s always a next time. We promise to stay in touch.

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