A viable wind of consensus

A viable wind of consensus

One thing that seemed to be on most people's minds during the 2018 GST & Shipping 2030 Europe event in Copenhagen was that there is a common movement towards a future of sustainable, digitised shipping with a smaller environmental footprint. We bring you glimpses of the event. Take a look.

Text: Martin Stampe Photo: Martin Stampe
A viable wind of consensus2
Jesper Theilgaard founder of Klimaformidling (Climate Communication), and formerly popular Danish weather presenter, delivers the opening keynote speech on his view of a roadmap to sustainable shipping market, emphasising the willingness to trade short term profits for long term stability and the good of the environment.
A viable wind of consensus3
Roger Strevens, Global Head of Sustainability at Wallenius Wilhelmsen, listens to Jesper Theilgaard’s keynote speech.
A viable wind of consensus4
Tamara de Gruyter, Vice President Services North Europe at Wärtsilä, delivers the conference’s keynote speech on
‘Smart technologies setting new standards in shipping’.
A viable wind of consensus5
Carleen Lyden Walker, Co-Founder and Executive Director, North American Marine Environment Protection Association, listens to Wärtsilä’s Tamara de Gruyter delivering her keynote speech on how smart technology can help both the shipping industry and the environment.
A viable wind of consensus6
Panel discussion on instilling a digital culture into shipping. They also touched upon the importance of including employees in the design of the digital transition.

From left to right:
Mogens Schrøder Bech - Director, Maritime R&D, Danish Maritime Authority
Peter Crawley - Programme Officer, DG Research & Innovation Unit H2: Surface Transport, European Commission
Morten Vejlgaard Laursen - Head – Electrical & Automation, Fleet Technology, Maersk Line A/S Tamara de Gruyter - Vice President Services - North Europe Area, Wärtsilä
Torben Rytersgaard - Director General, VISMA
In foreground:
Moderator Lars Jensen, CEO and partner, SeaIntelligence.
A viable wind of consensus7
VAF Instruments TT-Sense optical thrust and torque measuring system.
A viable wind of consensus8
Thordon Bearings Inc. Seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearings.
A viable wind of consensus9
NOx/SOx reduction system.
A viable wind of consensus10
Johan Backas, Managing Director, Eniram, a Wärtsilä company, participating in a panel discussion on using connectivity to improve the efficiency of the vessels.
A viable wind of consensus11
Wei Chen, Program Development Manager, Wärtsilä Water Systems, who earlier presented on the updates in sewage treatment legislation for the industry, listens as Mark Riggio, Product Manager at Hyde Marine, speaks at a workshop (which included Lars Bo Kirkegaard, Wartsila’s Ballast Water Sales Manager), on ensuring long term compliance throughout operations and maintenance of a ballast water management system.
A viable wind of consensus12
Norsepower takes on auxiliary wind propulsion by harnessing the Magnus effect.
A viable wind of consensus13
Klüber Lubrications managed to draw out the inner child of many guests with their 45.000 brick LEGO model Tribostar2, which allows user interaction using an iPad app.
A viable wind of consensus14
“I was introduced to at great idea about providing technical support through virtual reality,” said one of the attendees - Oksana B Attermann Category Manager Technical Marine Group Procurement DFDS A/S.
A viable wind of consensus15
“There is an appetite for working on sustainability and making a better environment together,” said Tamara de Gruyter Vice President Services North Europe, Wärtsilä on her takeaway from the event.
A viable wind of consensus16
“The industry as a whole has realised that 2020 is just around the corner, so we also have a whole industry ready to invest in cleaner fuel solutions,” observed Klaus Rasmussen Business Development Director Tankers - LNG/LPG/Liquids OMT / Odense Maritime Technology.
A viable wind of consensus17
When asked why he participated in the event, Peter Kragh Jacobsen Chief Technical Officer Head of Technical Organisation Maersk Supply Service said, “As chief technical officer, there is a certain obligation to keep tabs on what is happening in the industry. This is a good forum to meet peers and suppliers and there is always something surprising to bring home.”

We probed if there were any surprises at the event. “I found a new supplier, that was previously unknown to me, who presented a solution which happens to match our needs surprisingly well,” he concluded.

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