Marco Ryan, Wärtsilä’s new Chief Digital Officer

A new digital recipe

As Wärtsilä’s new Chief Digital Officer, my primary focus is to facilitate, coordinate, manage and accelerate Wärtsilä’s digital journey. My role is not about creating a large, centralised digital function but rather about making all of the company digitally enabled so that ‘digital’ becomes infused throughout our cultural and corporate DNA.

Text: Marco Ryan  Photo: Juka Rapo

Digitalisation at Wärtsilä still needs a clear definition, but at its simplest level, we must change how we innovate, identify and develop new solutions and services. These processes must be based on data, analytics, customer insight, innovation and cyber security and take place at a pace and in an agile manner that delivers results.

I look at my role a bit like that of a ‘digital head chef.’ Many of our ideas and digital initiatives are akin to ingredients. I’m starting my work with a wide variety of ingredients already in the kitchen cupboard and a talented team of other chefs ready to experiment and innovate. 

We have enough of some ingredients but perhaps not of others, and some we may not need at all. But Wärtsilä’s market position, install base, brand, reputation, engineering expertise, supply chain, technology maturity and operational excellence are all key staples. We may not have the final recipe just yet and probably have to test some ideas – and even accept that some versions might fail – before we perfect our Wärtsilä digital recipe. 

So for the next eight to 10 weeks, I will be conducting a sort of inventory of our skills, capabilities, and digital appetite, by listening to and learning from colleagues, customers, partners and competitors. I will look at why we do what we do and what would happen if we changed it. 

What is core to our digital journey that we need to protect and leverage? How can we amplify what we do brilliantly and support what we need to improve? What capabilities do we need to make that happen? How can we accelerate the journey and make sure it delivers commercial returns? 

As our success depends on the partnership and collaboration of our customers and suppliers, I would love to hear about any burning issues you may have and what Wärtsilä can do to make it easier to do business with us. Please email me with your thoughts about how to make our digital offering more relevant, more accurate and proactive in meeting your needs. I look forward to including you in creating a clear digital recipe for tomorrow.

Marco Ryan
Chief Digital Officer
Twitter: @marcoryan

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