Sea into the future

The latest Wärtsilä podcast featuring the CEO of the Seabin project talks about everything from sea pollution to this groundbreaking venture. Listen in.

Text: Craig Houston Photo: Wärtsilä

Can you imagine a world where we live in sustainable societies? A future where our seas and oceans are cleaner? A planet where everyone works together?

That future begins now. In this podcast, Wärtsiliän Atte Palomäki talks to Pete Ceglinski, co-founder and CEO of the Seabin project, about his game-changing initiative and the perils of sea pollution. They also take a deep dive into what the project involves, how it has made a difference so far and the impact it can have in the future.

Seabin, a floating rubbish can, collects debris from the seas.

The two also discuss how this concept is far bigger than individual companies and projects, as well as the ways in which change can be enabled through collaboration, forward-thinking ideas and the inclusion of younger generations.  

If seeing is believing, then believe in Seabin.

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