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A genius way to optimise asset performance

Wärtsilä is constantly looking for ways of helping its customers optimise their operations, in order to be more efficient and profitable. Now, thanks to new developments within digitalisation, there is a huge opportunity to provide services that are faster and simpler and deliver more value. Wärtsilä Genius Services is the latest step in this digital transformation.


Since the industrial revolution, most innovations within engineering have been linked to tangible, hardware-related developments. While improvements are still being made on the mechanical side, the greatest leaps are now being taken thanks to the rise of digital technologies. One such example is Wärtsilä Genius Services, a range of solutions that, in effect, transform digital bits into more efficient operations.

“At Wärtsilä, we don’t see digitalisation just as an add-on to our existing products,” says Stefan Nygård, General Manager of Product Management in Asset Performance Optimisation. “We view it as an opportunity to utilise the advantages of connectivity and data gathering to optimise our customers’ operations. Our goal is to use these advancements to deliver more value and enable customers’ business growth.”

Digitalisation is fundamentally changing the ways in which companies create value for their customers. It is also transforming the nature of maintenance services. The amount of data that can now be remotely collected from various sources is increasing incrementally and, as data analytics become more and more advanced, this information is proving more useful than ever. 

The opportunities offered by this trend are the foundation of Wärtsilä Genius Services. Wärtsilä Genius Services comprises of three product families: Optimise, Predict and Solve. All three are available to both the marine and power generation markets. They are subscription services, sold separately or as part of agreements to new and existing Wärtsilä customers.

As most current customers will know, Wärtsilä has been carrying out condition based monitoring for some time but, as Stefan Nygård explains, Wärtsilä Genius Services will take performance monitoring to a completely new level.

“What Wärtsilä Genius Services offers is real-time information. Through digital sensors and the constant monitoring, collection and analysis of data, Wärtsilä customers will know about an issue and be able to prevent it before it happens,” he says.

But what qualifies Wärtsilä to provide these services more effectively than anyone else? According to Stefan Nygård, the many decades of experience that Wärtsilä’s employees have in the marine and energy industries make them better equipped than anyone to make qualified predictions and decisions based on the collected data.

“Simply put, it’s our people and their expertise,” he adds. “Once the data has been collected, it’s up to our employees to analyse it and make recommendations. Our experience shows that the one thing that really makes the difference in this work is the combination of excellent analytics tool and experienced people.”

“Wärtsilä turns data into knowledge by combining the very latest technical capabilities of the digital age with an unrivalled level of human expertise,” he adds.

Most Wärtsilä customers run demanding operations that are based on extremely complex machinery. Machines like these are expensive to repair or replace and can also consume a lot of fuel. But their profitability can be maximised when they are operated intelligently – with a focus on reduced fuel consumption, optimum availability and a minimal risk of breakdowns.

“Having the best vessel, engine, or equipment is only the start,” says Nygård. “To optimise the performance of your assets, you need to start your engines at the right time, run them efficiently, predict internal and external events and act to resolve them at the right time. And when you have a problem, you need to solve it fast.

“Wärtsilä Genius Services is what enables you to do all that. It’s how data meets hardware – delivering a powerful business advantage by enabling you to use your assets in the most intelligent way possible,” he concludes.


Wärtsilä Genius Services is available in three packages: Optimise, Predict and Solve.


Optimise by Wärtsilä Genius Services is designed to increase the competitiveness and effectiveness of customer operations through real-time optimisation. This includes enabling ship and power plant operators to optimise their assets according to their operating profile and manage fuel and other costs more effectively.

Predict by Wärtsilä Genius Services improves customers’ asset and business availability and predictability through lifecycle maintenance. For example, these solutions and services help customers to base their decisions on the actual operating condition of their equipment and increase revenue through more efficient usage of their fleet throughout its lifetime.

Solve by Wärtsilä Genius Services ensures the safety of customer operations and provides access to instant support whenever and wherever it is needed. It includes remote support services to ensure safe operations and offers customers 24/7 access to Wärtsilä’s experts via its global service centres.


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