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Wärtsilä Services in Turkey hosted a Marine Customer Seminar

May 8, 2018, 14:23 PM by Gözde Mıdık


Wärtsilä Services in Turkey hosted a marine customer seminar in Istanbul on 19 April 2018, with subject matter experts sharing information about Wärtsilä’s recent developments – especially in the areas of maintenance and repair services, propulsion and retrofit services, as well as Electrical & Automation services.

Naeem Arshad Zubair, South Europe and Africa Area Sales Manager in QuantiServ, spoke about QuantiServ products and services which can be offered for both Wärtsilä and non-Wärtsilä products. Customers were provided insights into Quantiserv’s capabilities and price points vis-à-vis competitors’ services.

Joop van der Heijden, Propulsion Sales & Sales Support Senior Manager in Wärtsilä, unveiled the Wärtsilä EnergoFlow, an innovative and cost-effective pre-swirl stator that increases fuel efficiency by up to 10% – without increasing maintenance needs. Customers in attendance at the seminar asked how Wärtsilä was able to guarantee such reduction in consumption and improvement in efficiency. Joop answered the question by explaining the process, which includes an efficiency calculation of the propulsion system. After final CFD studies are carried out, Wärtsilä will guarantee the performance of the device. As a demonstration of our confidence in the Wärtsilä EnergoFlow, Wärtsilä will pay a penalty, as per the agreement with the customer, if the device does not deliver the expected savings. Customers also learnt about the underwater services company Trident BV, which was acquired by Wärtsilä in December 2017. Trident, a Netherlands based company specialised in underwater ship maintenance, inspection, and repair services, positions Wärtsilä as the first global operator in the underwater services market.

Raymond Johansen, Exhaust Gas Cleaning Sales Manager in Wärtsilä, spoke about a product that’s now on everyone’s lips – the Exhaust Gas Cleaning System, also known as the Scrubber. The key takeaway from his presentation was that installing a scrubber will eliminate future risks for owners whose ships plan on entering ECA regions. Ship owners also don’t have to worry about the rise and fall of fuel prices, and can plan their fuel purchases in advance for smoother operations.

Ivan Catalfamo, Electrical & Automation Manager in Wärtsilä, presented about Electrical and Automation products and services. This was the first time many customers in Turkey were exposed to Wärtsilä’s extensive E&A portfolio, which includes integrated bridge systems, navigation automation control system, and diesel-electric propulsion systems.

The customers responded very positively to the seminar which ended with a networking dinner. “Today was a very productive day for us, because we had the chance to learn more about Wärtsilä’s new and existing products. It was an eye opener as well, regarding IMO’s 2020 regulations.” said one of the customers who attended the seminar.

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