Transas VTMIS for Cochin Port Trust, India

Cochin Port is famous as an all-weather natural port, located in a strategically important location close to the busiest international sea routes from the Gulf to Singapore and Europe to the Far East circuits. Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS) are a critical tool for the modern successful port. Delivery of a tool to increase efficiency, safety of navigation and traffic management was the step forward to achieving excellence by the management of Cochin Port Trust.

A unique type of coastal radar with a 19-foot antenna was proposed for installation on top of a radar tower which should be constructed in Puthuvypeen to monitor and control approaching traffic. An additional radar was also proposed to be installed on top of an administrative building for better tracking in the immediate area surrounding the port. The VTMS for Cochin included a number of hardware and software elements that have been carefully designed, constructed and combined to provide a robust reliable system that exhibits cutting edge performance. Transas VTMS is built on the philosophy of using Commercial off-the-shelf components. Where appropriate (e.g. for radar processing), state-of-the-art custom hardware and software designed specifically to meet the demands of a mission critical marine VTMS are used.

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