VTMIS for the Republic of Cyprus

National Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS) for the Republic of Cyprus is one the most advanced and state-of-the-art National Surveillance Systems in Mediterranean region. It includes 4 high performance coastal surveillance shore-based radars, an AIS subsystem consisting of 7 Transas T214 AIS Base Stations in hot standby configuration, 2 Radio Directions Finders and a Distributed Communications subsystem with 9 VHF Base Stations.

Remote Terminals have been commissioned to the Limassol and Larnaka Marine Police, the Joint Rescue and Coordination Centre and the Coastal Radar System Control Centre. 

A Marine Pollution Control Station has been installed at DMS Headquarters which provides training and operations planning tools in handling oil spill or other environment danger cases.

Transas has successfully integrated the system to EMSA SafeSeaNet which communication between the various maritime authorities at local and regional level, thus contributing to the prevention of accidents at sea and marine pollution, and the efficient implementation of EU maritime safety legislation.
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