Navi-Sailor ECDIS for 25 Newbuilt Vessels of Columbia Ship Management

Transas has supplied its Navi-Sailor ECDIS sets for Columbia Ship Management. After thorough negotiations, the companies reached an agreement for Transas to fit 25 newbuilt vessels with its state-of-the-art Electronic Chart System.

The CSM vessels deploy the ECS system fully prepared with hardware for ECDIS operation. The installation set consists of one 23’’ TFT-ECDIS workstation in the Navigation Console and one 19’’ TFT-ECDIS desktop workstation at the Chart table, with LAN-interconnection between both stations. All ECDIS-required sensor interfaces are connected to both stations independently for redundancy. Transas also supplies its TX-97 world chart folio for each vessel.

The selected hardware configuration will allow easy upgrade to full Dual ECDIS system in the future, when official ENCs are available with suitable coverage for paperless navigation.

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