Georgian College (Canada)

Georgian’s Great Lakes International Marine Training Centre is the only English language marine training institution in Central Canada offering both Marine Navigation and Marine Engineering Programs. With an enrollment of 140 full time post secondary cadets and servicing the training needs of an additional 1800 mariners annually the creation of this World Class Marine Simulation and Research Centre at the Owen Sound Campus is eagerly anticipated.

The Marine Navigation Simulator complex consists of two Class A full mission ship handling simulators, two specialized Class B simulators (with visual arrangements to Class A standards), a Navigational classroom trainer, a marine communications trainer, Instructor and debriefing facilities, distance learning system, and simulation modeling tools. The system provides world class navigational training and simulation capabilities to the maritime industry that are unrivalled in Canada, and will remain current with the latest technological advances for many years to come through a “Transerv” upgrade and service agreement.

Each element of the simulation suite can be operated independently or in integrated training scenarios involving up to sixteen interactive navigational bridges.

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