Rorvik Safety Center – EcoShip Simulator

Transas has developed and delivered a new simulator for monitoring fuel consumption and emissions. The customer, Rörvik Safety Center (Norway) has designed a training concept called EcoShip which is supposed to change the mindset of officers and open their eyes to that part of the problem that they can do something about.


The simulator has an electronic chart and information system (ECDIS), radar and marine communications with the intent to provide a holistic approach and create realistic conditions for learning. The simulator will be used to create understanding and change the attitude among the navigators on board various ships, preferably shuttle ferries and high speed crafts (HSC). Through the simulator training navigators will get an idea how to reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases and lower fuel consumption and costs through the planned execution. The simulator will also be used for education in accordance with STCW-95 standard in navigation, marine communications, Rules of the road, "Search and Rescue" operations and radar / ARPA.

  • New generation multifunctional LCD information display module instead of dedicated HW controls
  • Engine panel control on the bridge
  • Unique spherical screen solution of the main bridge ensures better vertical field of view
  • Projection system from Dome Projection. Use of profiles generated by Dome Projection software for the visualization channels adjustment ensures quick calibration procedure, almost invisible blend zones, which are good enough to make night projection without baffles.
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