The most advanced maritime simulation and training center powered by Transas technology

The new Carnival's world-class Center for Simulator and Maritime Training (CSMART) in Almere is the largest facility in terms of training capacity and utilises the most innovative technology solutions from Transas. The Transas Integrated Full Mission Simulation Academy Solution implemented at the CSMART is a significant innovation that moves the capability of the most complex challenge to maritime safety forward.

The advanced CSMART training facility is representing a 75-million-euro investment and is a result of almost two-years of intensive R&D to implement a new training environment concept with the cutting-edge Transas Integrated Full Mission Simulation Academy solution. The CSMART houses navigational and engine room simulators in various configurations from classroom stations up to part-task and full mission solutions, interlinked to provide training and assessment for the entire crew.

What makes the CSMART project outstanding is a big number of state-of-the-art technologies applied, such as the virtualisation of simulation tasks into nVidia Grid System, the full interswitching capabilities, CCTV camera technology, and the high tech 'gamification' technology with 3D Engine compartments walk-through including usage of avatars. The senior management of Carnival stated that the Transas Academy solution was by far the most innovative, and the design exceeded all technical requirements.

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