Transas National Coastal Surveillance System for the Taiwan Coast Guard

The mission-critical CSS system for Taiwanese Coast Guard is based on the Transas Navi-Harbour software employing advanced features for accurate detection, tracking and identification of small and high-speed targets. The system will provide the Taiwan Coast Guard with real time data on any activities occurring in a coastal zone thus ensuring full control over an entire coastal area. It will help to prevent illegal activity, to protect critical onshore infrastructure from intruders and support decision-making process.


Navi-Harbour software and all necessary equipment will be installed at the National Control Centre in TaiPei, at the Disaster Recovery Site and at the Regional Control Centres located along the Taiwan' coastline. To provide additional shore-based situational awareness Transas will deliver AIS Network software and deploy a shore-based AIS infrastructure. The project also includes installation of 114 radars for 57 local sites, 6 mobile surveillance vehicles as well as 11 radars for harbour security purposes.
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