VDR/SVDR 3200 LTB notification

Transas SVDR 3200 and Transas VDR 3200

New products Transas-Netwave SVDR 4000 and Transas-Netwave VDR 4000 are ready for sales and we plan to phase out Transas SVDR 3200 and Transas VDR 3200 from our product range.


Effected products


Suitable replacement

Transas SVDR 3200   Transas SVDR 4000
Transas VDR 3200   Transas VDR 4000

Alternative product

Rutter VDR 100G3
VDR/SVDR 4000 have limitation in video recording were only one video channel is available. If more than one video source is recorded the Rutter G3 VDR must be used.

Last time buy - VDR/SVDR 3200: 30 of July 2012

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