TFAP Engineering change notification

The TFAP is a PC-based hardware Firewall with 2 network ports, one for external (Internet) and one for internal (Navigational) Network.

Please be informed that the HW platform for the TFAP unit has been changed to RS7. Software and function remains the same.

Transas has tested and verified this new TFAP. The unit is IEC60945 approved at DNV.

Transas Firewall and Antivirus Protector (TFAP)

Effected products


Effective from: 1st of August 2012

Units manufactured after 1st of August 2012.

Shipping of units based on RS7 will start 1st of August 2012.


RS7 main unit is the same unit we use for NS4000 ECDIS Standard. The RS7 computer is based on the Intel® Celeron P4505 processor and has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports to maintain Internal and External networks connection. The unit has a dual input power supply which will accept both AC and DC input, ensuring that they are compatible with all power systems on all vessels. If both inputs are connected, the units will be powered by AC. If AC power is disconnected, it will automatically switch over to DC without affecting the operation of the unit. It makes it possible to use AC as primary power and a 24V battery as secondary power, eliminating the need for expensive UPS systems when it is approved by Flag and Class. It is also fan-less with no moving parts inside which will prolong lifetime and reduce service costs.


No restrictions for supply new RS7 based TFAP as drop in replacement for existing.


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