Inmarsat D+ Network notification

The Inmarsat D+ network will be switched off in December 2014. All Inmarsat D+ equipment using this service will need to be replaced before this time to ensure continuation of services.

Effected Products

Satamatics Hardware

  • Transas ShipGuard v2
  • Transas ShipTrack v2
  • Satamatics Ocean Alert
  • Russian T400 SSAS

Inmarsat Serial Numbers :

  • DST001xxxxxx


Skywave Hardware

  • Pole Star DSAS
  • Transas ShipGuard v3
  • Transas ShipTrack v3

Inmarsat Serial Numbers :

  • DCC004xxxxxx
  • DCC007xxxxxx

Replacement Hardware Details

Transas ShipGuard v4 or ShipTrack v4 are available to replace existing equipment. This new SSAS equipment operates identically to the ShipGuard v3, but has slightly different functionality as the ShipGuard v2. The v2 uses a local reset to cancel SSAS status(by depressing) the alert buttons), however the v3 & v4 use a remote reset sent from the shore user interface

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