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Series 1 Displays and ECDIS/RADAR/SLAVE product range

The new Series X Displays (19X, 24WX, 26WX) from Hatteland-Display are now available and we plan to phase out 19”, 23”, 26W” Series 1 Displays from the Transas NAV our product range.

Displays 1

Effected products


Suitable replacement

19 ECDIS Display AC   19X" ECDIS Display LED, Multi Power
19 ECDIS Display DC   19X" ECDIS Display LED, Multi Power
NS4000 ECDIS MFD Premium 19   NS4000 ECDIS MFD Premium 19X
4000 MFD Slave Station 19   4000 MFD Slave Station 19X
NR 4000 MFD 19   NR 4000 MFD 19X
NR4000 MFD 24WX
Displays 2

Effected products


Suitable replacement

23 ECDIS Display LED, Multi Power   24WX ECDIS Display LED, MultiPower
NS4000 ECDIS MFD Premium 23   NS4000 ECDIS MFD Premium 24WX
4000 MFD Slave Station 23   4000 MFD Slave Station 24WX
NR4000 MFD 23   NR4000 MFD 26WX
Displays 3

Effected products


Suitable replacement

26W ECDIS Display,
Multi Power (JH26T11 TRD)
  26WX ECDIS Display LED, MultiPower
NS4000 ECDIS MFD Premium 26W   NS4000 ECDIS MFD Premium 26WX
4000 MFD Slave Station 26W   4000 MFD Slave Station 26WX

Last time buy - Current model(s): 30 of November 2012

From 1st of December we will start to phase out old system with Series 1.
Series 1 based systems can be ordered after 1st of December on project basis, but the delivery time will be 8-12 weeks upon order.
Navi-Radar systems will be based on Series 1 Displays until the updated DNV Med-B certificate is in place.


Series X Displays offer the ultimate in performance, convenience, state of the art design and enduring quality for system integrators and boat builders. The Series X display range is a flexible monitor solution designed and type approved for the professional maritime segment, where reliability and long life time are key pre-requisites for the industry. The product range combines stunning design and technology with innovative features and options, making it all that the integrator needs for top class type-approved marine systems.
Series X displays feature Glass Display Control™, CCFL backlight technology, full dimming and multipower as standard, and can also accomodate and combine a number of options such as touch screen, optical bonding, sunlight readability and ECDIS calibration.
The modules used in Series X, are all qualified having undergone and passed extensive test program, which includes HALT testing. This means that the products are tested well outside the requirements in EN60945 and E10. The result is a more reliable product.


No restrictions for supply Series X Displays and complete systems for replacement. New monitors support both AC/DC power supply.

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