DCU6 (301000) Data Collector Unit is End of Sale

From 15th of June 2020 DCU6 (301000) Data Collector Unit is End of Sale. Stock of spare parts is discontinued.

Data Collector Unit (DCU6)

Data Collector Unit (DCU6)

Sufficient successor is DCU450 (301001). DCU450 is equipped with 8 NMEA bi-directional ports and could be extended up to 16 NMEA bi-directional ports by order of additional 8 NMEA ports kit.


DCU450 16 NMEA ports view


DCU450 8 NMEA ports view

DCU450 is available for both MNS 34 and MNS 35. 

MNS35 – full support since R4.2 with some improvements coming in R5.2

MNS34 – limited support, for details please contact @Wartsila Voyage Customer Support

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