27” Last Time Buy (LTB) notification

27" WS ECDIS display AC and 27" based product range

The 26" ECDIS Multi Power Display is now available and we plan to phase out the 27" WS ECDIS Display AC from our product range.

27 WS ECDIS display

Effected products


Suitable replacement

NS4000 ECDIS MFD 27   NS4000 ECDIS MFD Premium 26
4000 MFD Slave Station 27   4000 MFD Slave Station 26
NR4000 MFD 27   NR4000 MFD 26

Last time buy - Current model(s): 15 of June 2012

Last delivery date of 27” Display and 27” Systems is currently expected to be 30 June 2012.
27" Display and 27" based systems will not be the part of Transas NAV products portfolio from June 2012.

Note: From 1st of January 2013 27” Series 1 Displays are not available anymore from Hatteland and can’t be ordered even for specific projects due to the end of sales by manufacturer.


JH26 is not included in existing Transas Radar certificate. Updated Radar certificate is expected Q3-2012.

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