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Advanced Remote Training for Seafarers (ARTS) Service

The ARTS Service provides access to our training management platform allowing you make online CBT courses available to your trainees.


Language: English
Location: Available as an online web-based solution
Training certificates available, see course descriptions for the details.

Service advantages:

  • Ability to effectively plan training and payment
  • Book as many courses as needed, when they are needed
  • Assign courses to your trainees directly via a web interface
  • View current status of the assigned training
  • Direct access to trainees’ certificates
  • Access to current manufacturer approved courses
  • If the training is not activated (accessed at least once) by the trainee, there will be no charge
  • Purchase orders are unnecessary
  • Web-based platform ensures:
    • Training management is accessible 24hrs
    • Training courses are accessible 24hrs (no need to travel to a training center)
    • No special equipment or facilities are required


Access to the online training management platform

Access to web-based online training courses

Automatic invoicing for activated training only

Cost and payment

Access to the Service and Training management dashboard is FOC.

Courses are individually priced (see course descriptions).

Invoices will be issued to the customer company credit account. 

Available courses

ARTS monitor
ARTS display
ARTS map

Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS Type-specific CBT

EUR 185 *

Language: English
Certified by: Wärtsilä Voyage
* Excl VAT; per each activated training

Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS type-specific online CBT provides the trainees with the required knowledge about the use of ECDIS as well as detailed introduction into the system’s features. This course provides trainees with information on how to operate the Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS system safely and covers the most important system features.

Based on type-specific classroom courses for Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS.

This course can also be used as refresher training when required.

Course details

This training is manufacturer approved and was produced following the provisions and guidance of the following regulations:

  • SOLAS V/16, V/, V/27 as amended
  • IMO MSC.1/Circ.1503/Rev.1 ECDIS – Guidance for Good Practice
  • IMO STCW.7/Circ.24
  • Nautical Institute - Industry Recommendations for ECDIS Familiarisation

Theoretical sections including animated pictures\videos for better understanding.

Interactive, practical exercises and questionnaires.  All sections must be completed in-order to pass the course.

Self-practice using the ECDIS SW - 5 sessions, 45 minutes each.

The training is designed to be completed within approx. sixteen (16) hours.

Completion requirements

The training should be completed by the trainee within 15 days from the date of first access (activation) to the course

All exercises\tests must be successfully passed

The certificate generation procedure should be activated by the trainee during the course validity period.

Local and technical requirements

Available for Windows and Mac OS with 1 Mbit internet connection at least. Theoretical section is also accessible on tablet devices.

Use of VPN services and (or) any anonymizers are not supported.

Minimal requirements to computer and software:

  • 9"+ display to read theory and 12"+ to run self-practice with ECDIS software;
  • Support of audio playback;
  • Mouse and keyboard to access remote ECDIS software;
  • 1Mbit internet connection, VPN services are not supported;
  • Minimal versions of supported browsers:
    • macOS - Safari 10.1
    • Windows - Chrome 49, Firefox 55
    • Android - Chrome 61
    • iOS - Safari 10.2

Course outline

Basic operations with Navi-Sailor 4000

Presentation of own ship on the chart

Control panel and toolbar - basic functions


Alert management

Presentation of Enc Data

Route planning

Manual corrections and maps

Route monitoring

Chart management using Navi-Planner


Certificate for manufacturer-approved type specific training for Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS, issued upon successful completion of the course.

Certificate validity – 5 years from issue date.

Recent accident reports have highlighted the importance of continuous training and assessment in ECDIS operations. It’s all about safety, as manufacturers and ship operators we have the responsibility of making sure users operate ECDIS correctly in different situations. There is no evidence to support that operators are using the ECDIS correctly and to its full extent in daily operations without continuous training. We recommend that users refresh their knowledge and are re-assessed every 5 years as a minimum.

Verify certificate

All certificates which are issued after successful completion of an online Type Specific Training course within ARTS Service are registered and stored for verification and prevention of fraud.

The certificate validity can be checked online by the certificate number and the holder name.

Verify certificate

ARTS certificate template
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