Human and labour rights

Wärtsilä supports and respects basic human values as outlined in the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Wärtsilä also supports the Ten Principles of UN Global Compact, of which six principles are related to Human and Labour rights.

Wärtsilä's employees represent 135 nationalities. The company supports fair and equal treatment of all its employees. Wärtsilä supports the work-related rights defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO). Therefore the company works to ensure that there is freedom of association and right to collective bargaining in the company. In those countries where local legislation does not recognise these rights, Wärtsilä endeavours to give employees other channels for expressing their opinions.

Wärtsilä does not accept the use of forced labour or child labour in any form. Wärtsilä is unaware of any cases of breach of human rights, discrimination, infringements of rights at work or the use of forced or child labour.

Human and Labour rights are part of Wärtsilä Code of Conduct training material and also Wärtsilä Supplier Handbook. At the end of 2017, 89% of Wärtsilä’s employees have successfully completed the Code of Conduct training.

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