Sustainability tools

Sustainability commitment

Our commitment to sustainability and responsible business is based on our mission, vision and strategy which, along with our sustainable development objectives, create the framework for developing the company’s activities and products. Wärtsilä’s management system and other sustainability tools provide us the means to assess our performance and to improve our operations and products continuously.

Wärtsilä applies global guiding principles such as the Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental policy (QHSE policy) and the Code of Conduct, which together with the company’s values ensure a harmonised way of working towards sustainable development. The Corporate Manual includes, in addition to the above, a description of the company’s operating procedures, responsibilities and the management system structure.

Sustainability performance management

Wärtsilä’s Board of Management has the overall responsibility for sustainability performance. The Board of Management approves the guiding principles and reviews the content on a regular basis. The Board of Management defines sustainability targets and monitors performance against these set targets. Performance is reviewed in connection to the management reviews on both Wärtsilä’s Board of Management and Business Management Team levels.

Wärtsilä’s sustainability function is responsible for providing the necessary information to the management, identifying development needs as well as coordinating sustainability programmes and preparing instructions.

Wärtsilä has clearly defined responsibilities supported by necessary instructions and training. This training includes e.g. environmental issues, Code of Conduct, anti-corruption, occupational health and safety issues. Wärtsilä monitors sustainability performance by utilising the information provided by various sustainability tools and activities such as internal audits.

Wärtsilä tools for sustainability

Basic principles Systems and processes Others
Vision, Mission and Strategy Quality Management System Sustainability target setting
Corporate Governance Environmental Management System Sustainability management reviews
Corporate policies and principles: QHSE Policy and Code of Conduct Occupational Health and Safety Management System Business development tools: Due diligence, Environmental surveys
Corporate Manual Supplier Management System Stakeholder dialogue
Corporate requirements for suppliers Risk management process Sustainability reporting

Continuous improvement process
: performance measurement, target setting, taking actions and review of the results

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