Fuels are used mainly in engine testing, but also in heating, production, and transportation. In 2021, the fuels were from non-renewable sources.


Wärtsilä uses electricity in its manufacturing operations, for example in machining components, and in service workshops and offices. Both the electrical and the heat energy generated during engine test runs can be utilised. Wärtsilä’s aim is to use the electrical energy for its own purposes while also selling part of this electrical energy to local power companies. Due to the nature of engine test runs, the production of electricity and the company’s electricity demand are not equivalent; this allows the surplus energy to be sold to local power companies.


Heating for factories and offices accounts for most of Wärtsilä’s consumption of heat energy. In several factories, the heat generated in engine test runs is used for heating. Some factories and offices are connected to a local district heating network, some have their own heating plant, and some use electricity for heating.