The environment is the key element in Wärtsilä's approach to sustainability. One of the three key ingredients of Wärtsilä's purpose, to enable sustainable societies with smart technology, is clean environment. Wärtsilä´s environmental management practices give full support to reaching this goal.

For Wärtsilä, environmental responsibility has two dimensions: products and operations. Most of the efforts to improve the company’s environmental performance, including its operations, are conducted as part of the product development and innovation processes. This work is supported by operational measures, which are based on achieving high environmental standards and which seek constant improvement.

Sustainability Viking Grace Product Performance
Product performance
Wärtsilä’s main role in sustainability is to supply environmentally sound solutions and services, which enable its customers to develop their business in a sustainable way. Read more »
Sustainability Operational Performance
Operational performance
To continually improve environmental performance within the company’s operations requires the organisation to constantly work in a systematic way. Read more »
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