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Wärtsilä aims to contribute towards the well-being of society through enhancing sustainability, co-operating with local stakeholders, and supporting local development. With operations in over 200 locations in more than 80 countries around the world, Wärtsilä also supports societies by creating employment, paying taxes and social dues, and providing training and education to employees.

Sponsorships and donations

We are involved in global sponsorships, which are compatible with our purpose (Enabling sustainable societies with smart technology), and which bring our key themes clean environment, energy intelligence and market shaping and innovation into life in a natural way. 

The Board of Directors, Wärtsilä Corporation, and subsidiaries provide financial support for a number of charities on a corporate, national and project level. The Board of Directors have supported activities focusing on children and youth, nature and environmental protection, national defence, and medical and technical research. Wärtsilä has also supported, for example, Caribbean communities hit by hurricanes financially and with technical support, a Tanzanian girls's football team, universities and the Seabin project

Taxes and social costs

Wärtsilä pays various social dues and taxes to the governments of different countries. The social costs for employees contribute to the funding of pensions, unemployment and other social benefits that provide security and improve the quality of life for the company’s employees and their families.

Wärtsilä companies also receive subsidies from the public sector. These are mainly related to R&D projects.

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