Wärtsilä creates added value for its customers by providing products, solutions and services that fulfil their needs and expectations. The development of high-quality, reliable and environmentally sound solutions and services depends on longterm collaboration and continuous interaction with customers. We provide our customers with service throughout the product life cycle, thus ensuring optimal performance during the product’s lifetime. The modernisation of installed products can also extend their service life.


Customer satisfaction

Wärtsilä always puts the needs of our customers first. We show this by carefully listening and acting upon our customers’ feedback, at both operative and management levels. Wärtsilä places great emphasis on earning our customers’ long-term trust by keeping its promises. While challenges may arise at any time in this business, relationships are strengthened by focusing on our customers. We observe our customers’ perception of loyalty and satisfaction by applying a Net Promoter Score methodology, NPS. The results are monitored on a monthly basis and last three years shows considerable improvements.

Our Customers’ feedback on project deliveries and the operation of their installations, are welcomed. To know what works and where to improve, as well as, understanding our customers’ operational environments, is critical in developing the company’s products and services. To ensure our customers’ needs and expectations are met, Wärtsilä collects feedback during different events, activities, and interactions with our customers and acts upon that feedback.


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