Smart Technology Hub Ecosystem Challenge 12.-13.11.2019 @Wasa Innovation Center

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect, but by the play instinct arising from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the object it loves.”
-Carl Jung

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A two day innovation event with real business challenges

At Wärtsilä, we believe in collaboration and working together as an ecosystem. Through co-operation we can enable and foster change and innovation. This is what STHEC is all about. The event  gives you the opportunity to work and innovate  as  team but also as a part of the competition ecosystem. It offers you a unique concept, where collaboration  is the key.   

Join STHEC - An event where students across different universities and universities of applied sciences work in interdisciplinary teams and solve real challenges provided by Wärtsilä and our partners.

During the competition, each team will come up with a product, service or business idea as an answer to their challenge in question. What you create and how you make this happen is up to you!  The teams will compete against other groups within the competition ecosystem consisting of customers, service designers, facilitators, coaches  and of course,  the judges (sharks). The event final will include each team pitching their ideas to" the sharks", who will both challenge the ideas and offer feedback. In the end, the overall  winning team will receive a grand price. Other teams will also be rewarded based on success in different categories. This will for sure be worth your time!

We challenge you to look into the future for a chance to innovate and win amazing prices while having the unique opportunity to network, challenge yourself and to truly think outside the box.  In fact, why don`t you just break the box? 

 The event location will be  Wasa Innovation Center (Gerbyntie 16, 65230 Vaasa) where transportation is provided by Wärtsilä. Participation will be free for all students and we will also offer food and beverages for the participants during the event days. This event is arranged in collaboration with our partners Vaasan Sähkö, City of Vaasa, University of Vaasa and Danfoss.

We welcome all students from different higher education institutes in Finland to apply!


The Ecosystem

Our ecosystem thinking will be truly visible since this event will include challenges from both Wärtsilä and our partners. During the event you will have the possibility to network and cooperate with these partners and many other stakeholders to guarantee the best results.
Why? Because together we can create something truly new and unique.This is a big part of what drives our current Smart Technology Hub program. At this event, you will have the opportunity to see what  future co-operation could look like in action! 

The topics

When you apply for STHEC you get the opportunity to choose the topics you are most interested in working with. The faster you apply, the bigger the chance you get to work with the challenge of your choice. The challenges will be built upon the following themes: 

  • Co-creation spaces from a student perspective in terms of Wärtsilä´s new facilities
  • Utilising data to understand customer needs
  • Sweet spots for start-ups – making the best out of empty facilities in Vaasa
  • Integrating new talents to Innovation networks
  • Vibrant and Viable Vaasa - Keeping a middle-sized city alive
  • Carbon footprint awareness


Ready to join the challenge? Great!

To register, please use this form. Let us know which school you are studying in, what your major is and which year you are studying. Note that there are a limited amount of spots available. We will send confirmations on your acceptance after October 20th, when registration closes. 

Application time: 
Early bird: 21.9.2019 - 1.10.2019 (Better chance to get to work on the challenge you want)
Second Chance: 7.10.2019 - 20.10.2019

Remember to rate  your preferred challenges. The earlier you apply, the bigger the chance you end up with the challenge of your choice.  

In it to win it? Here´s the prizes you get to compete about

The winning team will get:

  • Guaranteed summer jobs for 2020
  • A face-to-face meeting with Wärtsilä Finland´s Managing Director Vesa Riihimäki

Other category prizes:

  • Analysis on professional strengths and weaknesses with Wärtsilä recruiters
  • Personal CV/interview sparring session with recruitment professionals
  • Goody bags with gifts


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